Mill Hill Cong a CHARITY under the umbrella CHARITY the Watchtower???? What the?

by Aussie Oz 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • wobble

    I should think in the case you mention Midwich, that the WT would be hard pressed to actually get its mitts on that money, presumably he left it to the local cong. itself, and his executors would set up a trust ,with say two elders as trustees to oversee the spending of funds.

    The money as a fund could be rejected at the time by ALL the beneficiaries i.e EVERY Cong. member,( it could even be argued this extends beyond baptised ones,) not just the show of hands farce., and then it would come under the laws of intestacy more than likely, the beneficiaries cannot say what happens to it, only the dead guys Will.

    The trust could be dissolved or ended at a later date, but only according to the rules of the trust.

    I guess the WT in that case just has to keep reminding the Congo. to send its excess funds for needy GB , sorry, brothers in other parts.



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