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  • Cthulhu

    So I've been gone from the org for a while now. It occured to me that I had a number of old Watchtower books and such that I was never going to read and saw that there was at least some monetary value in them when I browsed eBay. So I got to selling them. I told some friends of mine about it and guess what: for a cut they decided to let me sell a bunch of their old Witness propoganda too. I'd even been out of state a few times buying this crap in bulk from ex dubs that saw I was selling it and wanted to know if I'd take their lots off of their hands. No problem. Anyhow, recently a couple of folks that I always was and still am close with have left and the local congregation is not at all happy with me about it, as if I control the thoughts and decisions of these or any individuals. It's sort of a shame that, evidently, some became aware by some means that I was selling old books, because now the story is that I, somehow, got into their hall and took their books to sell. Now, to my knowledge, if there were any missing books to begin with, there were no broken windows. What's more, I didn't have a key, because they made me give it back after my wife left me and they took all my privilages away (which makes a whole lot of sense) WTF? They've been to my house and when I didn't answer their persistent knocking they proceeded to call me and ask me to make it easier by just signing whatever the hell it was they wanted me to sign. They've come to my job and told my boss that they really would like to talk to me before the police do. If they concocted a grand enough tale, could they actually do anything?

  • OnTheWayOut

    There is nothing missing at the hall and you know where you got the bulk of what you sold. I would assume their tactics are just a way to get you to submit to their inquiry. I would tell the boss what happened and ignore them or get a legal threat about harassment.

    Edited to add: Your title is great. It is pretty amazing what they do. And they think people have to answer to them.

  • leec

    "If they concocted a grand enough tale, could they actually do anything?"

    ... well, yes, they could get themselves sued for libel, that's what they could do

  • Farkel

    : They've come to my job and told my boss that they really would like to talk to me before the police do.

    You've got the perfect case for a defamation of character lawsuit. By slandering you, they have put not only your character but your job in jeopardy.

    Get an attorney and sue ALL of those hounders. I'm serious. The minute they get a copy of a letter a good attorney will send to them, they'll shut up like little girls who were slapped in the face for crying too loudly.


  • WTWizard

    This is war. They are going to get you for selling littera-trash that was yours to sell (you bought it from other ex-witlesses). They are probably going to try and force you back to the cancer, perhaps by using your baptism as some kind of breach of contract.

    Now that they have declared war on you, you are going to have to fight back. This is grounds for them getting sued, perhaps even high profile publicity. Nothing was missing from the Kingdumb Hell--and no signs of forced entry were found there, either. Yet they are threatening charges of theft--in front of your boss. I would say that, since they are threatening your livelihood, that double the nominal value of what you are expecting to make at work during your lifetime, plus additional for the harassment and embarrassment, would be a good place to start working up from. (Plus whatever court costs and time off add up to). If they end up forced to pay you several million dollars, and it gets publicized, they might think twice before trying to press breach of contract charges on others, knowing the same thing will happen then.

    Not to mention it means having that much less for congregation work. Every dollar you get from suing them is a dollar that cannot go into repairing the Kingdumb Hell, or be donated to protect their pedophiles. It will also waste field circus time in court. The embarrassment from having it in the newspaper will also prevent them from signing in new recruits, especially in your local area--leading to stagnation and declining membership in your congregation.

  • VM44

    If the JWs are going to be this way then...

    1) Do not talk with them. All communication is to be in writing.

    2) Do NOT sign anything they give you to sign!!!

    3) Keep records of where you obtain the books that you sell. This is important.

    4) Keep records of the elders accusations concerning you made to third parties.

    A successful lawsuit will depend greatly on the documentation that you can provide.

    From what you have said, the JW elders have made a grave mistake legally.

  • yknot

    First and Foremost.......WTS publications are free to anyone interested in receiving them from a JW.

    Second, when has an average KH BOE ever completely kept track or known what books were in their library?

    Visit an attorney and have him issue a cease and desist letter of them harassing and stalking you!

  • nelly136

    if they thought the kh had had things stolen from it then they surely would have already been to the police and it would

    be police visiting you and not them? they would also have a date and time the said incident occurred, as you have not been in the kh for sometime and an incident has supposedly occurred since, then it could be said that it must be a current member with kh access,

    if they are turning up at your works to make unfounded and unproven accusations that is definately harrassment and slander.

    using unfounded accusations to compel someone to do something against their will is also blackmail.

    legal advice definately wouldnt go amiss

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