We were ALL conspiracy theorists once

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  • Twitch

    Is it years of borg training that makes people vulnerable to this kind of thinking, or does the borg attract people with this sort of view?

    Chicken or egg? I think it's a mix of both.

  • cofty

    Slimboyfat - From your comments on the previous thread

    As someone who is coming to terms with no longer believing as a Jehovah's Witness, I can identify with the "unbearable freedom" of a world not made coherent by some outside organizing force outside my control. For some who leave the Witnesses I get the feeling that the strain is too great, and the desire for meaning so powerful that they are inclined toward accepting conspiracy theories almost as a substitute for Jehovah.

    That's a reasonable point. I agree with your comment that it should give us pause before we mock others. How quickly we forget where we came from, everybody's journey is different.

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    The Keanu in my mind is going, "WHOA!!!"


  • cofty

    What is oozing out of her mind?

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