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  • mouthy
  • asilentone

    Can you tell me the poster's name so I can read her story here?

  • cofty

    They do a good job, I like their non-judgmental approach.

  • nugget

    Practical Christianity they have the common sense to know that preaching to the inebriated is pointless but helping them is a better way to get people thinking about God. Good for them.

  • mouthy

    Can you tell me the poster's name so I can read her story here?

    It is a HE!!!!!!! Trevor !!!! O.K. all who will judge him remember the way we are judging is the way we will be judged
    He is doing a great job NOW!!!!!

  • mouthy

    for those who didnt know him .He did a terrible thing
    He conned us into believing he lost his best friend LINDA
    But it was all a Hoax. His pen name was dedpoet.But he returned
    the money & earrings some sent to him. ( More than was sent)
    with a real apology ...I never let him get off the hook ,as you know.
    I m in the habit of doing. I didnt just send him to his room,I was hard on him.
    We became good friends he is very good to me now. He is a born again Christian NOW!!!
    Very sorry for pass sins....He lives in England I am in Canada. But I did check with his
    Pastor to make sure he is a good fellow now,



    I knew it would be St.Trever..

    Mouthy loves him!..

    Hearts And Kisses

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • nugget

    Good on him. I love a story with a happy ending.

  • SixofNine

    He should do well; lots of suckers in a church.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Would he have confessed and repented if he hadn't first been exposed as a fraud?

    I suppose only LINDA knows the answer to that one.

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