There is life after Jehovahs Witnesses

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  • James_Slash

    Hi all,

    I've been a member on this site for a number of years but I have never posted what I really think of the JW's and the org.

    I left about 10 years ago - mentally. But I have only made the long term decision to leave and never go back over the past 2-3 years.

    It was difficult. I have family and many friends who I still converse with on a regular basis.

    Being on the outside now I see what a major farce and a hypocritical state of affairs it all really is.

    I often hear the comment "only people in the truth are really happy" and being a friend 'on the outside' many of my associates on the inside are far to easy to reveal exactly what they get up to when they are not at meetings or out knocking doors.

    Pre-marital sex, drunkenness, nightclubs, dating websites...the list goes on and on. Then they contact me and preach how they are so happy to be part of the 'truth', studies they have, how many hours they do each month, how they encourage the 'spiritually weak' etc etc in the vain hope to entice me back to such a dark place.

    Who are they fooling? Themselves? Do they live a double life? Yes. I have since realised how mentally damaging it was to live two lives. Thats why I had to leave for my own sanity.

    Now I live a happy life sure of my own direction in life and not having to listen to the WT propaganda machine. "You will recognise my Brothers by the love they have amongst themselves". All I saw was backbiting, divisions, self-promotion and ego-trips. Jesus spoke about false prophets, wolves dressed in lambs clothing.. the list goes on and all of these terms describe Jehovahs Witnesses and the Watchtower Society to a tee.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • shopaholic

    Many JWs are in denial and lead double lives.

  • asilentone

    James_Slash, I have been seeing exactly the same things like you did. I realize that you are in the U.K. but if you are ever in the Atlanta, GA area in the USA, let me know so I can tell you my story, I would not tell my story on the internet because the hounders will probably identify me if I tell the story here.

  • whatistruth

    I can't wait to join you my friend. For now I am trapped in this hell-like existence.

  • crapola

    To prove they are not really happy, my mother, a devout JW, told me just yesterday how she dreaded going in service, that it really made her nervous knocking on strangers doors. But her reasoning was that she wanted tp please Jehovah so she did it. I don't think God wants us to be that miserable or if he does than what does that say about the kind of god he is.

  • Hopscotch


    All I saw was backbiting, divisions, self-promotion and ego-trips. Jesus spoke about false prophets, wolves dressed in lambs clothing.. the list goes on and all of these terms describe Jehovahs Witnesses and the Watchtower Society to a tee.

    That is exactly what my husband and I saw for the last 20 years or so of us being JWs. My husband saw it even more so during his days as an elder. But for many of those years we kept thinking it was just us who saw this and it was us who must have been 'weak' (or whatever term they like to use) to not want to go along with it and pretend it didn't exist. But one day you wake up and realise that it's not you at all that is the problem - it is them.

    As you said - Good riddance to them.

    All the best


  • awildflower

    My last jw friend up until a couple of months ago, and I had this conversation. I told him he was a hypocrite in this organization and that the only reason he could live the active jw life that he was living was because he gave himself these outs like drinking and bars and partying etc......I told him if he lived the org like I did, squeaky clean, he wouldn't be able to maintain it the rest of his life like I couldn't. His answer was that Jehovah knows his heart and he asks for forgiveness every day for the sins he thinks he commits. WTF? So I asked him if he told his Bible students that they could live this way too? That they could go in service and show up at the meetings but still live the life they wanted to only now in secret? He didn't know how to answer that. I told him I thought the lifestyle he was living was actually quite normal for a 40 year old man that there was nothing wrong with him wanting to party or date etc.......but there is something wrong with preaching and acting something different and then hiding that other life. I say to him, what's to hide? If he weren't a jw, he would look like any normal guy! Needless-to-say that conversation opened my eyes to even more jw bs, and we are no longer friends. I want real, authentic people in my

  • WTWizard

    There are too many drags on any potential happiness in the religion. You are not going to find any happiness knocking on doors--I never did, beyond the first few months. You are not going to find any at the boasting sessions, after you have been through it all once. Instead, you are going to find yourselves wasting all day knocking on doors. Frequently people are not home. When they are, they are often not interested. And, when they want you to return, it is always at a time when you cannot make it without great hardship (and they expect you to accomodate them anyways). You find yourself in disgusting situations, where homes are hot and stuffy, smoky, stinky, and the men in the place ugly. No wonder people walk so slowly, and take so many breaks.

    The boasting sessions also take away happiness. You are supposed to waste time every week, and the rules are so strict that fun is impossible. Do anything that resembles fun, and they claim it is a gateway to fornication and/or using drugs. They hound and harass you to death if you are not continually within their sight. The boasting sessions themselves are boring (especially after you have heard it all once) and/or confusing (intentionally, so you get the illusion of dependence). You are beat up because you didn't do even more.

    No, leaving the cancer cannot guarantee happiness. But, once you are out of the cancer, you will not have those additional drags on your happiness.

  • James_Slash

    Whatistruth...I am extremely sorry you are stuck in such a quandry. I have got to the stage in life where I don't see the point in wasting my life on anything which doesn't improve my standard of life. Thanks to the WT Society, I have never put forth the effort in employment or education and now I find myself 30, unemployed with no hope of finding a decent job.

    Between 1996-2000 were my strongest, most zealous (or what I'd like to now say "brainwashed") years in the org. I was a glutton for WT Propaganda. I got to the stage where I wouldn't watch any film with swearing or violence. My other passion however was football (or Soccer) as it was called in the US. On Sundays, the CO would organise matches with other congregations. Often these matches became overly competitive and often ended in near-violence. This is no joke, it was true.

    To sum it up, one Sunday years ago we had a talk given at our hall by an Elder from a nearby congregation. It was all about the power of prayer and keeping a close relationship with Jehovah. He attended the Soccer match following the meeting and after becoming overly competitive and aggressive during the game looked at the sky and said with a smirk "I had better pray to Jehovah tonight for forgiveness for my behaviour". All the people (including Elders) were in earshot and all laughed with him. I remember thinking at this point (I was 10/11 years old) whether being a JW was serious or whether it was all a joke?

    I think the difference between WT propaganda and application is another major issue which made my decision to leave. Brothers and Sisters would often comment how the talk/WT study on Sunday had moved them yet I saw little or no application at all. This again pointed towards that many JW's said one thing and did another. To quote the NWT : "Faith without works is dead".

    I am just glad that I am not alone. I still believe in God and Jesus Christ and still put my faith in them. However, the WT Society have already been exposed that they are not God's representatives on earth.

    Charles Taze Russell founder of the WT, links to the Satanic Bloodlines and Maisonry, false predictions, blasphemy, broken promises, colluding with the UN, a large mass hypocritical following who live double lives, destruction of the family unit, paedophilia, major changes in blood transfusion policies...I could go on for hours.

    Would Jesus Christ affiliate himself with the above? That is why they are not Gods representatives.

  • xbro

    double lives......they were the days!

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