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  • agonus


    I believe you are right. If I have time I'll download the 2009 CD and do a search on the phrase "faithful and discreet slave". It should show a total number of occurences per year, then we can compare it to previous years. Anybody already have the CD, or the link I can download it?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I have the CD, I'll do the search now.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    1640 occurences on the 2009 CD ROM.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    "My brain began to bleed."

    That's exactly how I felt when I last attended years ago. I don't know how you do it.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I was there today but I have a very useful strategy for blocking out the bull.

    I imagine the theme music to the Benny Hill show going round and round in my head.

  • cameo-d

    A comment was made at our hall today that if we do not

    follow the instructions of the channel that God is using that

    it will mean our deaths.

    Sour Grapes

    this is terrorism and a thinly veiled threat.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The only people who say that they are not in a

    cult are those who are in a cult.

    Sour Grapes

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