My world has come to an end.

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    My name is O`Mar P. Clark. I was born and raised a JW. Every Saturday morning I look forward to going out on field service to save the worldly people. So every Friday night I spit polish my Tom McAm black shoes which I bought at K-Mart for $19.95. I press my black polyester suite which I bought at Robert Hall clothing store in 1966. I know all good JW should not read news paper or watch the news on TV, as the WT says all the news you need comes from the WT, but I watch the news on TV any way. So I turned on the TV Saturday morning and was shocked by what I saw. It said all 16 members of the governing body of JW were arrested for engaging in sexual attivied with little boys.In a joint operation with the FBI, CIA and Interpol all computers were confiscated from the WT in the USA and around the world. The computers were infested with child prographany. The governing body apparent were also raided and were also infested with the same smut.At the time of the raid one member was cough in a bath room stall with a young boy. My world cane crashing down on me.

    But it was about to get worse. While going threw there computers it was discovered that the governing body was invoked in a Ponxy Scan much worse than Berny Madeff. It seems thay had convinced millions of brothers and sisters to invest in the plan to make the rich. When it began to fall apart they sold of the WT asses its to cover the looses and there came a time when there was nothing left to sell.

    As it stands. All KH were mo-raged to the hilt and are in foreclosure. A lot of JW have lost there life saving and many will loose there homes. I Mr Clark is one of them.

    I went into the kitchen and told my wife who is not a JW what had happened and she told me that what happens when you get invoked with those people. She said here dear I will make you some breakfast.

    Would you like some scrambled egg`s and I said yes. I asked here what that strange thing you are using to scramble the egg`s and it is my vibrator, I said what is a vibrator and she said it is thing I put in you know were to get my racks off. I said I hope you sanitize it first before putting in the egg`s. She said no it add`s a little zing to the egg`s. At this point I lost all my cookies all over the place. So much for a productive day of Field Service.

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    wow what a coincidence, that precisely the same that that happened to me, except my breakfast was pac nakes, and my suit was bought at Rabbit Hell in 2066....

    (i came back in time to let you all know this)

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    That's some very creative writing.

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    Truthexplorer guess eggs are good for you

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    That's some very creative writing.

    "Fact is stranger than fiction".



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    Just put down the pipe love

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    Just put down the pipe love

    Nah, pass it over to me. I could use a creative boost right now.


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