When did the "tag team" generation start?

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  • Gerard

    One more detail, the lifespan of a person is not the same as a generation.

    One generation length is defined at 25 years, not 80 years.


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    My parents are about 80, their great granddaughter is 13. That spans almost 70 years and includes 4 generations. To get from someone who understood the "sign" to now would span 96 years. Then the person would have to be, say 20, to really understand. That increases the span to 116 years.

    How many generations is that? About 6, if I my calculations are correct.

    They are going to need more than 2 generations to pull off this tag team idea. I can honestly say this idea is as stupid as the blood fraction one. I don't see how people keep lapping it up and don't run screaming away.

    I honestly think that most witnesses don't care what they spew at them, as it doesn't matter to them. They just keep doing what they want and pretending that it all makes sense.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    4026 B. C. E., according to Reverend Usher.

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