email fwd from my mom: utter the sheeple eat this crap up and MY REACTION

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  • Mysterious

    I find it best to ignore when they do that. Soon they learn to talk to you on your terms.

  • TheSilence
    I find it best to ignore when they do that. Soon they learn to talk to you on your terms.

    Yes, yes, completely agree!!!


  • WTWizard

    Spam. If I were to go back to the witlesses, it would be like adding a pail of cold water to the equation. The ember is placed in this pail of water, with just enough soap to make sure it soaks the whole thing through. The longer you are in the cancer, the more water you pick up and the harder it is to light it back up.

  • watson

    Oooohhhhhh Billeeeee!! LOL.

    Still laughing at that one. ( I like dark humor ).

    I guess they stoke the fire with new light?

  • minimus
  • SnakesInTheTower


    sadly my mom calls less and less.... she gets upset for various reasons.....a) in her eyes I am living "in sin".... she wants us to get married...we want that too but other issues outside of our control interfere,.... it will happen soon...on our terms, not anyone elses....she is happy I am getting married....she would be happier if I was marrying a dub... (see my stories about how well looking in the Borg for a spouse worked out for me)

    b) I was the only one of three of her sons that got baptized...she was so proud in 2002 when I graduated from MTS....she made sure to be here for will be interesting to see if she comes home in May for my graduation from college.....she promised....

    c) she has no one to talk about "spiritual" things....sadly....the last few years I was in she and I spent more time complaining about various atrocities and injustices perpetrated against us by other JWs... and only limited time discussing WT related articles and meetings.

    My mom left this town before it completely ruined her.... she moved to where she knew almost no one.... now she has been uprooted again...and her only "friends" are local dubs.... and those are very conditional... I never hear about her doing social things with "the friends".... just out in service...usually with the marginalized and the elderly.

    As to sending her the Generation chart....I hope she takes it at face value...I sent her the one with only WT references...the "JW friendly" version...if she really still studies deeply maybe she will see the evolution of the whole Generation doctrine....if not, she will glance over it and then toss it aside. Most JWs will look at that chart and their eyes will glaze over.

    I love my mom.... I miss her...she lives too far away...... but I wont let her interfere with my relationship with Toni..... and I will pass on your greetings...she is asleep on the couch right now ....Hunter is in his room watching tv...thus the only reason I have much time on the board....dishes are done...laundry is bed is made I have another to finish...kid had his bath.... it is reasonably quiet...

    thanks for the feedback...keep it coming...I need it...this is tough to deal with...

    Snakes (Rich )

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