New Understanding Begets More Direction From The "Slave"

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    Jehovah's name people have delighted in recent refinements in understanding coming through God's slave class at the direction of holy spirit. These adjustments in thinking have at times required humility and reasonableness to be exhibited by longtime servants of Jehovah. Consider, for example, the recent information showing that we could not put an exact timetable on the calling of those to serve along with Christ Jesus in the heavenly kingdom. Many of our brothers had understood that calling to have ceased in 1935, but "who has come to know the mind of Jehovah that we may instruct him?" (1 Cor. 2:16).

    In recent years, the small remnant of anointed ones still on earth serving along with seasoned members of the great crowd have humbly respected the calling of hundreds of newly associated ones as prospective heavenly heirs. After all, it is "the spirit itself that bears witness with our spirit that we are God's children" (Rom. 8:16).

    More recently, our understanding of the generation described by Jesus at Matthew 24:34 has been brought closer in harmony with scriptures and the "mind of Jehovah". While some brothers have mistakenly in the past linked that generation with the ACTUAL generation that saw those momentous events that began occurring in the year 1914, we now recognize the true meaning of Jesus usage of the word generation to mean a tag-team composite generation including those who first witnessed those events and ANY others born before the last of that generation passes off the earthly scene.

    As stated, these adjustments have tested the humility and obedience of Jehovah's people. Will some choose to find spiritual food elsewhere because God's ways do not agree with their ways? Will some chafe because certain opportunities are now open to those they once viewed as "babes in the truth"? Recent developments in some congregations world wide have tested some in these respects. It has come to our attention that some as young as 18 years are now professing to be of the heavenly calling. Can anyone declare these young ones' calling to be null and void?

    Some elders have written us with regard to serving such underage ones alcoholic beverage at the annual Lord's Evening Meal. This, of course, is up to the local elders to handle this appropriately. If these underage partakers have baptised Christian parents in attendance, perhaps the emblems could be first passed to the parent and then to the young anointed one. That way the alcoholic consumption by a minor at the Kingdom Hall would be under the direction of the parents. In any event, please remember, it is the local elders and individual witnesses who assume total liability for any legal problems resulting from violating man-made laws. "Render to Caesar, Caesar's things, but to God, God's things."

    With you in serving our light-bearing God,

    the Christian Congregation, not affiliated with the WTBS of NY, Pennsylvania or any other state, province, region of locality

  • inbetween


    this is brilliant....

  • Mythbuster

    Almost had me.

  • purplesofa

    hey TMS,

    how ya doing?

    pretty funny


  • agonus

    The first 2 paragraphs I swear I've read before verbatim... hilarious

  • TMS

    inbetween, Mythbuster, purplesofa, agonus: thanks. . .unfortunately, Watchtower-speak just roles off my forked tongue. Just pluggin' along, purps.


    ps: When I read the new generational change this evening, my mind started to wander as it always does. I kept thinking about a certain home-schooled 12 year old regular pioneer, who dressed, talked like an adult, commented in fake-deep, conducted the mid-week meetings for field service, etc. I could actually see him reading the Greek Scriptures as his own personal "letter", thinking about being with the Lord, etc. The congregation already hero-worshipped him and being of the heavenly calling would not be that big of a jump in stature.

  • goldensky

    TMS, you are brilliant! Ha, ha, ha!

    Sorry, but what do you mean by "when I read the new generational change this evening"? Has the "new understanding" you guys brought up around three months ago been confirmed???? Anything has been printed?

  • goldensky

    My question has already been answered in one of the subsequent threads. WOW!

  • nugget

    It was brilliant I thoroughly enjoyed it. Had me in the beginning.

  • yknot

    Brilliant......absolutely Brilliant!

    I had never thought of the underage aspect before!

    Does all of Christendom serve grape juice like the Southern Baptist?

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