Now That Their Crazy Overlap Doctrine is Out, They Can Promote More GB

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  • OnTheWayOut

    This Overlap stuff is such heavy crap. I wondered why they had so many changes in the last few years. It might be because the Old Guard is in charge and there is a small Governing Body. The last few guys have been there a few years and have learned the politics, but putting anybody new in the Body would be exposing them to the true way things are done, not by Holy Spirit and praying over the matter until God clearly tells the unanimous body what to do, but rather by dictating and politicking and getting a majority.

    While the members of the GB have been the Old Guard, they have made changes such as doing away with the bookstudy in private homes, they have ditched 1935, and now they have changed "generation" in 2008 and a wee bit more in 2010.

    Any major changes they still want to do will come fast. They know the men are old and they need new men. They want the new men to be there awhile with minor adjustments so that they start to believe that Jehovah actually resides over their meetings. So if they are done, expect to see new Governing Body members appointed. If they are not done, it won't happen.

  • flipper

    OTWO- They will NEVER be done with the changes . The alleged " new light " will always be coming out to accommodate the financial intentions of the higher ups in the WT society and the GB. Some personnel changes may occur as the " old guard " dies- but the new dogs have been trained well by the " old guard " and will continue being Nazi's just like the " old dogs ". It's all about control, power, and the almighty dollar

  • cattails

    Very well put OTWO and Flipper, there is definitely an agenda.

    Sometimes info filters out from HQ like the fact they're going to add members.

    But the details aren't many and there's much speculation about it on exJW boards like this one.

    Then all the pieces seem to fall into place, all the while any active and brainwashed JW is saying "No, that's just apostate talk."

    But the truth sooner or later comes out, and I don't mean by "new light" from WT Bethels.

    I do think that any new GB members will make overtures and new changes.

    Otherwise it will turn into a time frozen denomination, like the

    Amish, Menonites, etc.

  • WTWizard

    That sure put the kabosh on the "emergency" of getting this message out. If my arithmetic is correct (using 120 years as the age that the last qualifying person dies off), this takes us to the year 2154. We thus have more than 140 years before the Tribulation even begins, and then they don't tell us how long it will last ("cut short" means nothing--the Almighty Lowlife Scumbag could cut a yoctosecond off a few decillion years, and call that "cut short"). And, if I have at least 140 years, there is no sense in wasting my whole life hunting for "sheep" when I should be doing other things.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    just another carrot for the weak. 2034? far enough off to lose a generation but close enough for the avg JW to panic.

  • nugget

    What about those millions who may or can never die. They're going to need some pretty spectacular genes to survive that long. It will be more like the 2 brothers from the 1920s who could afford cryogenisis will never die the rest are worm food.

  • pixiesticks

    It's my sincere hope that by the year 2154, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society will have long since collaped in on itself under the sheer weight of it's own bullsh*t and that humans will live in a world altogether free from the horrors of religious dogma.

    The last part might be too much to wish for, but I have my fingers crossed for the demise of the Watchtower at least.

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