How do you deal with forced time with old JW friends?

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  • 5thGeneration

    I'm facing a bit of a dilemma and wondering how to deal with it.

    My fade is as complete as I want to make it but I'm going on vacation and lifelong super JW friends are going to be where I am staying.

    I'm wondering how some of you have dealt with this in the past.

    Do I simply and uncomfortably stay quiet about not attending, going to the meetings?

    Do I just matter of fact state that "yeah, I just haven't been going for a while"?

    Or do I play the sheepish, discouraged, distraught role?

    Going all 'apostate' on them is not an option as I have too much respect for these people.

    Any one have any experience with this and what worked/didn't?


    5th (of the overlap) Generation

  • changeling

    If they ask, tell them you're inactive but happy. No need to "get into it". That stops them in their tracks.

    If they don't, and the conversations are "non-witnessy" and just normal fun, why bring it up?

    Just be yourself. Be happy.That blows their minds. :)

  • 5thGeneration

    Good advice. Thx.


  • leec

    don't play a role ... that's what was wrong in the past. whatever you do, make it real, maybe not letting everything hang out, but no pretending.

  • wheelwithinwheel

    - if he asks if you are going to go to the meeting - tell him your're on vacation - he probably won't say anything and might think you have a point there

    - if he knows or finds out about the fade - adopt a very serious face and tell him you really don't want to get into it

    - watch what you say - lifelong friends have been known to ruin a fade - you wouldn't want to come home to face a J.C.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    When I talk to JW's now I let them know I'm inactive and only a handful have ventured beyond that. Most just keep the conversation going.

  • 5thGeneration


    I guess if they know already it is better to suck it up and just say I'm inactive.

  • Farkel

    Tell them you have a lot of faults, but not minding your own business isn't of them! (Watch them squirm.)


  • 5thGeneration


    I like it!

  • cameo-d

    Why not steer the topic into a conversation that has nothing to do with JW land. Discuss something else--- big ideas or hobbies, anything that might stir an interest in learning or doing something new.

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