Who really supports "the work"?

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  • palmtree67

    I've been thinking alot about all the threads here regarding the Bethel lay-offs. I'd imagine that those laid off will have to rely on their families or social safety nets to help them out.

    My man is a successful fader, but his family are all super-JW's. Parents pioneering in a foreign land, youngest pioneering where the need is great, oldest sibling is on the fast track to being a CO. My man went to university and is in the upper-wage earning tax bracket. What bothers me is that his family doesn't have 2 nickels to rub together and has consistently relied on him to bail them out of financial situations. His youngest sibling recently had a medical emergency, no health coverage and my man had to fork over $8000 to cover it. Lord knows the WTS wasn't going to look after this foreign pioneer, right????

    They judge him as being spiritually inferior, yet rely on him making money to cover their asses when necessary. I don't stick my nose in - this is his family and he will do whatever is necessary to make sure they are looked after. But, they are currently shunning us (we are df'ed). I just feel it's kind of hypocritical to look down on him for being financially stable and then turn around and rely on him for money.

    And where do most of the contributions to the WTS come from? Wouldn't it be mostly coming from those with jobs? Yet, these are the ones looked down on, for not being pioneers.

    Just something that's been irritating me lately.

  • shamus100

    Oh Plumtree,

    They come from brain-dead idiot dubbies living in poverty - end of story.

    Nobody but NOBODY in 'the world' gives much of anything worthy of being a 'contribution' to the worthless bullshit worldwide 'preaching' work. (tm)

    I'm happy to say that I didn't give those jackasses one red cent of my own money, exluding DC's and CA's. Not ONE cent.

    No wonder I left "the truth". (tm)

  • LittleSister

    I agree it all smacks of double standards.

    Your wise not to speak your mind to your man, family issues are always a sensitive area in and out of the society, but here is a great place to get things off your chest.

    One thing my Dad (never been a JW) has always said is that the organisation doesn't look after its members physical needs, which he maintains is an essential Christian principle. The Watchtower is never going to feed a real starving man, hell it won't even keep them warm as they don't burn well.

    A member of my family seems to think its fine to live off state handouts rather than earn a living, which they are perfectly capable of doing. She and her family claim for every penny they can get. She even has disabled badges when she isn't disabled. She does have a mentally handicapped son, but he doesn't live with them (in a special boarding school) and is only home for the holidays and the disabled badges are definitely in her name not his. A fine example for an Elder and his wife don't you think.

  • palmtree67

    I know what you mean, little sis.

    I remember years ago, a bro with 5 kids started pioneering. They rented in a low-income development that only took a portion of his wages for rent, so it didn't matter that he made diddly-squat as a wage. But when you think about it, he gets a cheap apartment, but who makes up the rest of the rent that he's not able to pay?? The taxpayers.

    And Shamus, either kiss me or quit talking about my plums. lol

  • shamus100

    Who are you calling sis?

    Plum tree, I don't like plums. But squshes... well,,,,

    Who makes up the difference? Yes, of course the taxpayers. So do charity organizations, i.e. when irresponsible people live their lives irresponsibly and go to 'worly' organizations that are under the control of 'satan' go give them handouts.

    Wingnuts should thank jehover for satan, because without him they would starve.

  • palmtree67


    Same with this new thing about accepting blood fractions. JW's can take blood fractions which come from donated blood, but cannot donate the blood.

    Hypocritical. How can they not see it?

  • changeling

    My dad. :)


    My dad for a while was making a considerable amount of money each year. I don't even want to know how much he was giving them...all the while, feeling like sh*t because he wasn't an elder/pioneer because he was working too much.

  • palmtree67

    I guess my point was that it's just frustrating that people give everything to the GB - their youth, their time, energy, talents and abilities. And then where are the GB when these same people need help?

    My man's sibling thats going into the CO work - if anything were to happen to one of them health-wise, they'd be up the creek. They will only have the bare minimum pension at 65 cus they've never paid anything into income tax. Same with his parents. They are getting older and have nothing to show for their years of serving the WT. Who will be looking after them in their golden years?? I'll tell you - the son they are shunning right now.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    In my country (in eastern Europe) it is generally understood and accepted, that the "work" is being suported by the rich brothers in America.... So is that right????


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