Watch Tower subliminal techniques

by Motema Bolingo 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • ashitaka

    I've seen that before, and I think it's like seeing a horsie in the clouds. Subliminal? Total bullshit.

    Stick to concrete issues like shunning and child abuse, and stop grasping for straws. Bizzarre.


  • alliwannadoislive

    hmm ... this is all french to me ...

  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

    Hello Ashitaka,
    You don't believe in subliminal manipulations ?
    It's your right, of course.
    Note that "subliminal" is only a minor part of my website.
    I am also dealing with shuning, children abuse, rape of african women, blood transfusion, human rights, false teachings, etc ...


  • ashitaka

    I see. Coolness. The whole shibang on the site, eh?

    just.......subliminal messages just aren't my bag, baby!!!


  • bj

    Hi Jacques,

    Nice to see you around. For all those who don't know Jacques, I can assure you all, he's a wonderful person and is doing a great job. Keep it up Jacques and send my regards to your wife.


  • Focus

    Jacques's site is an excellent one - if you take the time to look at it properly. Starting from the URL reference he provided, there are several pages of general image theory before moving onto WT specifics. I suspect many failed to find the "Next page" button and so never got onto the JW material.

    Non-French speakers may prefer to start at:

    To move to the next page, scroll down to:
    "Cliquez ici pour la TROISIEME PARTIE - Section B"
    and click it. (Look for "PARTIE" in other pages too, and you will find how to navigate ahead).

    It is a shame to miss the text, actually. A crude form of translation to English etc. is available at:
    You can click there, provide the URL:
    and opt for French -> English translation. The standard of English text produced by this system is appalling, but will give you the general idea of the contents. French -> German is far worse, if that is any consolation!

    Merci beaucoup, Jacques!

    (Multilingual Speaker in Tongues Class)

  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

    Thank you, Joe,
    Thank you, Focus,
    for your kind messages.
    How refreshing it is to have friends all over the world ...

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