the ole free the lose minds website is begging

by malcomx 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • malcomx

    sniff sniff donations people we have no money to hold together this site of foolishness all these socalled educated people could u please give money!sniff i though the org was broke but jehovah protects them . we also need meteor insurance send me some companies thanks free the lose minds.........

  • nelly136

    wow malc you managed to turn off the caps, cool
    I guess theres hope for you yet

  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly


    You really should sign
    up for the Theocratic Ministry
    School. If you can read, you
    may be able to improve
    upon your grammer.

    Did Jehovah just call you to
    the fold from the local homeless
    shelter, or are you suffering
    from the DT's?

  • TheEye


    Now all you need is puctuation.


  • malcomx

    ITS SPELLED GRAMMAR IDIOT. and u can sign up 4 the front line of the destruction by jehovah sad soul lurk here all u want you are going to be posting while lightning rips through your computer ..... get a life jehovahs day is near

  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly


    You are right..
    There is hope for
    your pea sized

    By not capitalizing God's
    name, does it make him 'a' jehovah?

  • nelly136

    lol youre gonna have to try harder to be scary,
    we were weaned by experts on doom and gloom,
    so are you going to introduce yourself or what?

  • Seeker

    Why is it that WT trolls cannot write clear sentences. You would think all that Theocratic School training would come in play as they attempt to give a witness. Evidently we only get the deranged JWs here, the ones who refuse to listen to Jehovah's instructions to stay away from sites like this.

  • belbab

    Now all you need is puctuation.

    and looks like you also need a snot rag

    Oh, and one more thing, are you telling us that Freeminds is short of cash, I'll have to look into it, maybe I could spare a couple bucks, thanks for reminding us.

    belbab, spotting where the need is great.

  • Patriot

    Malcom in the middle,

    You said "get a life jehovahs day is near".

    Im curious as to why you don't recommened us going "back" to Jehovah and you would just counsel us on getting "a life".

    If those are the requirements for witnesses to be "saved" then I can go for that. Is that your new brief under 30 second door-to-door presentation to people?

    Or do you indeed have a pea brain?

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