Remember When Jehovah's Witnesses Took Pride In Themselves?

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  • agonus

    Today the options for a young JW's spiritual career are:

    1) Serve at Bethel doing, most likely, something very menial.

    2) Knock on doors 70-100+ hours a week.

    3) Knock on doors 50-70 hours a week.

    4) Knock on doors 25-50 hours a week.

    And that, folks, is pretty much it. Not exactly a breeding ground for intellectual development.

  • agonus

    The WT discourages pride, and for good reason. Anything that even remotely challenges the status quo is instantly seen as prideful.

    The simple fact is, if the JWs who were (understandably and rightfully) ashamed of the WT actually started to take pride in themselves, they would stop being Faithy Discreety's bitch and kick its Slavey ass to the curb.

  • yknot

    Yes I remember it well........

    A time when the "end" seemed really imminent and possible.....

    Now here we are a full decade since the 20th century ended........

    I never in my life prior to 2000 considered I would still be alive in this "system of things"

    I think that is the sentiment felt my all JWs who joined before 1995.....

    As Losch said in the 08' Zones......'THEY DON'T KNOW, THEY MAY'........may! .......such an indecisive word indeed.

    They don't really know what to do next ......they managed to run off most of us 'big picture' thinkers.

    Oh well this all should have ended in Nov 1914 or at the latest Oct 31, 1916.

  • agonus

    If Losch indeed realizes it's "MAY" (i.e. faith) rather than "KNOW" (i.e. facts), he should insist that shunning be dropped immediately - at LEAST in the case of voluntary DA - and push it on the rest of those jokers. If it's true that Knorr admitted 1914 is a "possibility" and we can't really know for sure, then why in the bloody hell are people losing their families over this kind of crap?

    And you're right about there not being any direction. It's been said more than once that the last remotely interesting/charismatic/intelligent leader the org had was Franz, and everybody since has been an absolute zero. I've heard Jaracz, Losch and Splane give public talks and I can't argue with that sentiment if they are the "direction", "leadership, "brains", and "personality" of the WT...

  • Walkin

    Mini. Do you remember back in the late 60's and 70's when the books and Watchtower articles were meaty and long. Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom was a long time theme that was always being studied about.

    Now Even though on the front cover of every magazine the theme is still there, Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom, they don't hear or study anything about Jehovah's Kingdom anymore.

    I used to give the public talk on, "The March Of The World Powers" meaty talk, head of gold etc. Now they are being spoon fed pablum sneaking in changes ever so slowly.


  • Paulapollos

    I actually think they will grow

  • minimus

    ahhhhh the memories!

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