Should I have ridden Disney's Carousel?

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  • Bystander39

    Since Witnesse beliefs state to avoid all thing with shady, war-like, occult, etc. background, the following information taken from caused me to wonder if they are allowed to ride the carousel at Disney World. Weren't we told to avoid playing chess because of its war training background?

    The word carousel means "little war", and originally was used to describe a combat preparation exercise and game played by Turkish and Arabian horsemen in the 1100s. The early carousel was used as a cavalry training mechanism to prepare and strengthen the riders for actual combat as they wielded their swords at mock enemies.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Plus, there's probably a unicorn and other "PAGAN" creatures on there. If you ride the carousel, you WILL be destroyed at Armageddon. Bank on it.

  • cantleave

    The whole of Disney is the spawn of Satan, the witches, wizards, haunted houses, violence ghosts, laser guns, magic to name but a few. Isn't it called the magic kingdom?

    Some witnesses I know won't let their children read fairy tales.

    Disney Corpoation is a whole other story and wasn't Walt Disney an extremely flawed human being.

    But did they have a pinata? they are ok.

  • VoidEater

    cantleave beat me to it - PINATA!

  • Leolaia

    Wait till their discover the history of the necktie!

  • Palimpsest

    Now that this has been posted on here, you know some pious elder's already finding a way to work it into an upcoming talk. :p

    (And my congregation always had chess at our game nights. Oopsies! I guess we were pretty hardcore rebels with our board games...)

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