Have You Ever Bought Something From An Infomercial?

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  • minimus

    The shamwow guy recently got arrested.

  • minimus

    He got into a fight with a South Beach hooker.

  • Girlie

    I never bought anything from an informercial, but my mother did buy something for me from one.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Yep! A Nordic Track, A Gravity Edge weight lifing bench, A Popeil pasta maker etc... All the things I bought were pretty good.

    You can really get ripped off by some of them like the real estate ones and any of the get rich quick ones. Once they get your credit card number you are screwed.

  • looking4peace

    Denial, how can you possibly hate the Magic Bullet! I LOVE mine! Of course, I do not use it to create entire meals like the infomercial shows. It's terrible for soups, etc. but for blending homemade salad dressings, we use it every week and to chop herbs, etc., it is so much better than a stick blender because everything is enclosed, so the ingredients don't come flying out of the container. Sorry you think it's a piece of crap. To me, it is the greatest invention since sliced bread.

  • WTWizard

    I have bought enough infomercial products to say that they are too expensive for what you get. I got a Torso Tiger, which was fair (it worked, but the rubber bands broke). I got two Ab Dollies (the wheels broke off, taking a piece of the plastic from the Ab Dollies themselves with it). The Gazelle did next to nothing--except make noises that require wasting time greasing the bearings to quiet.

    Other products have been crap. The Swivel Sweep is a complete waste of money--besides the "extras" you could not opt out on, this thing tends to work well for about a minute before cutting out totally (with a good battery). Time/Life music is good, but they tend to shorten the songs (if you are going to get any, keep an eye on those times). The Cybersonic toothbrush was actually worth the money I paid for it. The cleanse I paid $60 for was halfway decent, though I wonder if it was more effective than something you could get at the Vitamin Shoppe for $24.95. And I bought Kevin Trudeau's books--which, while not 100% perfect, were pretty useful to me (I would say around 85%).

    As for the cookware that they advertise, I would rather order it from Stonewall Kitchen. It might be more expensive upfront, but I bet it will outlast the infomercial crap (and no hidden extras). When I get another vacuum, I intend to get one from Abes of Maine--again, they cost more upfront but without the crap scams attached to it. And, I will not waste any more money on products designed to help you lose weight (they do not work).

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