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    Welcome, Designer Stubble! Hope you can share with us your stories and experiences. Looking forward to reading them.

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    hey george clooney

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    Welcome, Designer Stubble! Looking forward to hearing your story if you feel like sharing.

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    Hi DS....glad to see you here to add your wisdom.

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    Hello DS - welcome to the great crowd


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    Good to see you in these parts!

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Most of you must know me as a regular poster on JWR www.jehovahswitnessrecovery.com

    I read here from time-to-time, but am starting to see more and more posts I would like to comment on, hence registering here too.

    In a nutshell my story for those not familiar is:

    I was a baptized witness for over 30 years. Yes, I had my doubts for a while - for example the September 2007 Kingdom Ministry which stated that we should not do independent Bible Study. The main trigger to start investigating was taking receipt of the "God's Love" book at the 2008 District Convention. Skimming through the appendix, I noticed that any reform and mellowing down from the Governing Body was not going to come. The book showed more control and pharisee rules. I went home after the DC and immediately did some online research, ordering Crisis of Conscience, In Search of Christian Freedom and a few more books. As I was just going on vacation, I took the books with me, read CoC in two days ad ISoCF in another four. At that point I knew I had been mislead for most of my life and needed to find a way out. I was further completely in shock on 607, UN-NGO and the child molesting in the org.

    But where else to go? Fortunately many websites helped me there and after extensive research and many more books, I now view myself if you want to label me as an atheist.

    My last meeting at the Kingdom Hall was shortly after the memorial this year and I attended 1 day of the DC - a planned last visit, in which the many parts including the drama confirmed that I no longer wanted to be there. Well thought through, well researched - not leaving because I am "weak".

    Funny enough, living in a liberal country, when speaking with the elders and reading from CoC to them, they all agreed with my research, but just said "Where else would you go". With one elder I just mentioned that 607 was not right and he said "you mean it is 20 years off". Another elder personally knew Barbara Anderson and her research.

    Initially I told the elders that I was taking a sabatical (form of fade), but at a last visit I simply stated that I no longer believed in God or the Bible and had no intentions what so ever to "return to Jehovah".

    Perhaps I have lost close to 40 years in this cult, but at least I left (and wife followed) in time for my young children to live a normal life and they are enjoying their many "pagan" holidays and don't have to waste time sitting still at the KH .

    Still have most of the extended family "in", the respect my decision though. Enough work for me to do here.

    A third generation witness, but the chain broke here.

    Thanks for the warm welcome.


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    Glad to see you here DS, appreciate your posts on JWR!

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