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  • bulgogiboy

    I visited Brooklyn Bethel in 2001, and went to a bar with quite a few of the Bethelites. They drank moderately because they had to get up early the next day, "so no hangovers for us (as in, it's not convenient for us to have them right now)" one guy said. They talked a lot about booze though, and I got the impression they were no less fond of the booze than regular jws(who, lets face it, are pretty fond of it!). I remember at the time being disappointed by the fact they just seemed like regular jws, I suppose I was expecting some kind of extra-special devoutness from them :)

  • Confession

    "When I was there, in the last couple of years, every young chap seems to get drunk as they can get away with - I think it was a reaction to the very strict regime"

    Mental programming and Group Dynamics

    Are effective but often cause stressing

    So many Jay-Dub alcoholics

    Deep down find their lives so depressing

    Keep your noses to grinders and put on your blinders

    Drink a fifth of cold Absolut

    If you’re badly blue, the fault is with you

    It has to be, this is “The Truth!”

    It’s the Truth, it’s the Truth!

    Let’s drink to the Truth

    Our lives filling up with dismay

    It’s the Truth, it’s the Truth!

    Time to break out the hootch

    We need to get numb right away!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Confirming the pre-Gilead Meal Cocktail Parties.

    I was 18 and just a visitor. Our Bethel host got us an invitation to the pre-lunch boozing at the room of a married Bethel "heavy". Most of the Bethelites slammed down two drinks in quick succession. My parents and I, (we were visiting from a conservative "God's Country" state) were shocked. Since it was legal for 18-year-olds to drink in NY back then, I just had one drink. A Long Island Iced Tea. The Bethelite mixing it for me had a big smile on his face and was liberal with his pouring. I don't remember too much of lunch, but I'll never forget my first Long Island Iced Tea!

    Praise Jah and pass the liquid depressants!


  • cyberjesus

    I worked inside the mexican branch 83-85 and lived 2 blocks from it 82-96. All my buddies were bethelites and constructionites. I didnt drink back then so I didnt pay much attention to it. But this is what I remmember. During the early 80 there was a liquoir store just across the street from the main entrance and another just in the corner. In Mexico this are called "tienditas" and they also sell groceries and mostly beer. Since back then there were around 400 members or so and everybody will buy their booze from the same store the gossip around the worldly people was that they were drunken all the time since they were buying booze contantly. imagine a least a couple of hundred buying at least one beer in the evening. So bethel created their own store inside the building 2. They had a store along with an attendant and they sold beer! I bought one and was underage :-)

    I never saw anybody drunk but I remember hearing of this and that guy who were drinking too much and nothing was done. Since I was a teenager I first stumble cuz I was a freaking christian freak, and second I started to realize that bethelites werent as saints as I thought they were.

    However working in the construction did get me high several times. I used to work in the epoxic paint department. Our job was to clean and cure the concrete floors before they put carpet or epoxic paint. It was a group of 10 of us and I rmemmber working on at least 20 rooms after I couldnt take it anymore. We would clean by hand with a cotton rugged dipped in paint thinner inch by inch every floor. I remember we could only work for an hour and after that I couldnt work for the rest of the day. The first day I fetl guilty the rest I joined the group. They use to give us bananas and milk because that would help us sober up... I was high inside The House of God and walking around the facilities with drugs purchased by your contributions, thank you brothers :-) I forgot about this

    Oh I remember another one. The Secretary of one of the members of the comittee a bro named AMAYA use to like to drink, that was the rumor, I remember meeting him once outside bethel and he was giving me a lot of encouragement. The guy was a very cool guy actually but he was actually drunk. I didnt realized it until later. A week later he went and got drunk and the police found him on the neighborhood and they took him back to the main office. After that he got demoted from being a secretary position to a regular carpenter.

    But the mexicans usually drinnk beer since they cant afford any other alcohol ;-)

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