No Bible in the picture.

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  • pat1060

    In todays watchtower study the picture on page 10.A family is having a study.Where is the Bible.Any one else see this.Sorry I don't have a scanner." Enrich Your Prayers Through Bible Study"Jan 4-10

  • VM44

    Here is a picture showing Judge Rutherford's "Rainbow" Biblical Library.

    What is missing from this Biblical library?

  • pat1060

    Thanks for that VM44.....It just looked so odd seeing a modern day picture of a family bible study studying the bible with no bible.But I guess it is nothing new,just getting worse.

  • WTWizard

    I think this is positively absurd. While I do not respect the Bible, I understand that, to properly understand the Bible, you need to read the Bible itself. Without it, you cannot be sure that the littera-trash is not a complete scam--and you cannot develop a total understanding of the Bible without the Bible. Which sort of defeats the whole point of a Bible study.

    If they wanted to be honest, they should refer to it as a littera-trash study or a washtowel study, not a Bible study.

  • zoiks

    Ehhh, no biggie.

    They basically claim that the entire bible was written to point to the existence of the WBTS itself. I mean, if Elijah and Elisha only existed to point the way to Rutherford and Knorr, or something to that effect; and if there are verses in Revelation or Daniel that specifically point to a couple of Watchtower articles, then maybe the bible is no longer needed now that those things have come to pass.

    Besides, the bible is full of Old Light.

  • glenster

    It is a missed opportunity to show a sales promo for the NWT, but I guess they
    wanted to depict the kind of material they sell that makes their studies more
    special. Besides, you wouldn't clearly see that the Bible represented was the
    NWT unless it was shown real big.

  • carla

    When my jw first joined up and the meeting at people's homes were still going on it used to infuriate me that he would say he was going to a 'bible study' because I knew full well they did not study the bible but wt literature instead. Finally he said he had to go to a 'book study' and I said, 'well at least you finally got that right and quit calling it a bible study'.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Carla, did you know that the old "book study" is no longer at private homes but at the K.H. and that it has been renamed "Congregation Bible Study?" Only 25 minutes long, I've been to some where there is barely time for any scriptures to be read at all. It's all about whatever WT book they're studying at the moment.


    When has any Jehovah`s Witness EVER had a Bible study?

    Jehovah`s Witness`s study WBT$ Literature,about the Bible..

    There are NO Bible Studys in Watchtower World..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • maninthemiddle

    Does anyone have a scan of this?

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