JW Wife Donates Kidney to Her Husband

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  • WingCommander

    I know a good deal about this subject, as my JW mother was on the recieving end of a liver transplant.

    It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to completely drain the blood from an organ, there will ALWAYS be some sort of blood trace left in it. This was told to me directly by surgeons. They wash it thoroughly with saline and stuff, but cannot get it ALL out. But hey, fractions are ok now too so what's a little whole blood gonna hurt?

    I was told by the staff in the ICU when my mother got bad, that many JW's came through their doors (they do alot of "bloodless" surgeries at this facility) and they told me flat out that when the sh*t hits the fan, 98% of all JW's will accept plasma and anything else in order to save their lives. Apparenlty many giving a HUGE middle finger to these nosey HLC's. That, and I think many JW's are not willing to sacrifice their lives for an ever-changing, ever-evolving blood policy. The organ transplant doctrine changed in 1980, and so will blood - bit by bit - and the ailing JW knows this in his own heart.

    My mother did not live more than a few months after her transplant. It was not her fault or the fault of the donor. But, at least I had those few extended months with her.

    I miss you Mom.

    - Wing Commander

  • moshe
    - 98% of all JW's will accept plasma and anything else in order to save their lives.

    Why, this is outright mutiny! The MS Wacktower is floundering and could sink with selfish attitudes like that!!! The next thing we hear is JW's will start talking again to Df'd family members!-damn the torpedos, we don't care what those old feeble-minded GB members think anymore. I hope, I hope-

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