Governing Body Member Learns the Truth About The Truth Scenario Played Out

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  • frankiespeakin

    Okay so what do I mean well it's like this:

    Suppose a GB member is perusing the God forsaken Internet(dirty word to a GB) and he stumbles on this site or Randy's Free Mind site and his faith in the God almighty WT organization gets crushed beyond all repair. What do you think he'll do? Say he's one of the younger bucks on that body and that he's only 65 years old. And he well knows what happened to Raymond Franz.

    What kind of turmoil will he be faced with? Will he give up the luxury of a nice warm bed in his Bethel cubical and all the admiration of the peons under him or will he stick up for what he knows to be true? Very big decisions face him should he play the game and sit through all those corporation meetings and just go with the flow and hope nobody notices? Maybe he ain't got any real education to speak of except what he's learned in that so called college equivalent education magazine called the " Awake" and besides he's at retirement age and nobody is going to hire him especially in today's depressed job market. So most likely he will see the writing on the wall and stick it out and perhaps pacify his conscience with the thought "I will just lay low and try to be a moderating force for good on the body". That is if he still has a conscience.

    What are your thoughts on this predicament he faces and what are his options?

  • cameo-d

    frankie: " Will he give up the luxury of a nice warm bed in his Bethel cubical and all the admiration of the peons under him or will he stick up for what he knows to be true?"

    I think Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to find the needle in a haystack than for a Beth-elite to give up his warm bed and admiration.

  • hubert

    No "fading" for him.


  • asilentone

    He will write a book and earn some $$$ like Ray Franz did in order to support himself and his wife.

  • Gayle

    If another GB member left GBdom and wrote a book, he's got one sold for me. It's been a long time since that "rift" back in the early 80s at Brooklyn Bethel. It would be so different if such a thing happened now with this Internet. It would be near paparazzi mania.

  • sspo

    I believe the GB knows that the whole religion is nothing but bullshit.

    What evidence do they have to make the claim that "Jehovah" is using them.

    I don't believe in the bible anymore but at least you read that the prophets

    and the apostles had some kind of dealing with God......a miracle, an angel appearing,

    or something out of the ordinary, the GB can make no such claim but that the holy spirit

    is directing them.

    Anyone with a sick mind can do that!

  • agonus

    I'm sure every man on the GB already knows everything. The kind of men the WT needs to perpetuate its madness are men who know everything and STILL believe it's "Jehovah's Organization", facts be damned. I know JWs like this (not many though). This is what Cameron (?) was talking about when he referred to "captives of a concept".

    "But Jehovah MUST have an Organization!"... you know the type.

  • Piercingtheveil81

    agonus, you are right on that one. I remember when I was going through numerous meetings with the elders when I DA'd myself, I brought tons of evidence against the WTS actions and theology that contradicted the bible. There were no answers from there part just the same old reasoning "But Jehovah MUST have an organization". In their minds it was still not an excuse to leave.

    Crazy isn't it?


  • agonus

    In my opinion, the diehard JWs have that "one thing" about "the truth" that they just cannot let go of, i.e. JWs are the "only religion" that 1) teaches Paradise, 2) is doing the "preaching work", 3) doesn't teach the Trinity, etc.

    I think to myself, Jeez, why can't you just take those things that are important to you and just believe that? Why do you need a religion with a bunch of other crap?

  • agonus

    The elders are big on "Well, YOU made a commitment to Jehovah". Unfortunately, many of us now realize too late that what we REALLY made a commitment to was The Organization. Many JWs really have no idea what they are getting themselves into, and that's exactly how the WT wants it. When we were studying the Bible with them, we thought to ourselves, "But these people are so nice, what the 'apostates' say MUST all be lies!" without critically examining their claims. And, of course, we bought into the everything-is-from-Satan superstition too...

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