Do JWs women use Birth Control?

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  • Mr. Monday Night
    Mr. Monday Night

    Do JWs women use Birth Control?

    I always wanted to know what their views were on Birth Control. Does anyone know?



  • Farkel

    My JW former wife did, using the pill. That was in the late 1960's and there was no Pharisaical sanction against it.

    There were three good things about that: 1) she didn't get pregnant, 2) her periods were very regular and 3) she always knew which day of the month it was.


  • believingxjw

    Of course JW women are allowed to use birth control! The Bethelites don't want kids do they?

  • Farkel

    :The Bethelites don't want kids do they?

    No, they don't. There are already way too many candidates for the Darwin Awards.


  • treadnh2o

    However, if a brother gets a vasectomy and someone is stumbled he may lose the ability to "serve" in the congregation.

    It supposedly shows a lack of respect for the reproductive organs.....(but a condom is ok? yup)

    Never could figure that one out. Also never heard of anyone getting in trouble for it.

    They always use the excuse " It was for a medical reason"

    No s**t... my kids are driving my crazy too!

  • ziddina

    When I was still married to a JW, the 'pill' was frowned upon, but not banned outright - another example of 'using one's own conscience'... Anything that approached the abortion issue - and the 'pill' causes a first-month hormonally-induced 'spontaneous' abortion - was viewed as taking a human life... Things like IUDs were also frowned upon, as was a 'tubal ligation', which was my birth-control of choice once I escaped the WTBTS...

    While still a JW, I took the pill anyway... Deep down, the thought of being chained to that JW hubby because 'we' had a child together was WAAAY more frightening than breaking any of 'gawd's' laws - I knew I wanted out, and also knew that having offspring would slow me down [in escaping the WTBTS...] or lock me into the JW lifestyle...


  • truthseekeriam

    I was on the pill until my husband got a vasectomy.

  • restrangled

    I never had to, was told I was lucky to get Pregnant both times. (I lost a baby in between my boys)....I wonder if I had a little girl.


  • flipper

    Why would JW women need to use birth control ? They don't even have sex for Christ's sakes ! I know- I was married to one for 19 years. We had 3 children through osmosis and luck. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • hecouldbewrong

    Three kids? You must have been batting a thousand!

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