Can married JWs be friends of opposite sex?

by asilentone 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • asilentone
  • asilentone

    I cannot edit my title, it should be can married JWs be friends with opposite sex?

  • sir82

    Can they? Sure.

    Can they be friends without insinuations, gossip, presumption of illicit sex, and stern counsel from the elders? No way!

  • cantleave

    No, there is too much suspicion if friends of the opposite sex have any social life together, they are obviously spending time together for immoral purposes and not just because they are friends. There was a "young people ask" article entitled can we just be friends and the answer given was a resounding "no". That also applies if you are adults. The organisation is run by sexually repressed old men who brush everything with an immoral or demonic slant.

  • startingovernow

    Considering that there is a YPA article saying that single people of the opposite sex cannot be "just friends." -as for married JWs - I doubt it.

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