Report from Russia

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  • Gayle

    The WTS headquarters will certainly use the ban of WT literature (the Bible is not banned) in Russia to their gain to instill guilt for the rest of JWs worldwide to not be complacent. After all, look what the Russian "brothers" have to go through and buy their own "port-a-pottys" for their assemblies in the freezing black forests.

    The WTS will try to "dramatize" this to the hilt while they sell their multi-million dollar buildings and move up to upstate New York, in beautiful, peaceful, new buildings with plenty fine decor and landscaped properties with food prepared, in plenty of warmth for winter, etc. etc. Right now, all I can feel sorry for is the poor Russian JW children having to go through all this, living a life of fear of the 'boogie-man' and at the same time that their parents will have to let them die if they ever need a blood transfusion.

    It would be good if any us get sent a Russian JW emails (maybe we should try to get some of those emails) and then we could in turn send out those pictures of upstate NY of the Governing Body's beautiful homes and beautiful paradisiac properties. Also, the Governing Body when they go to their assemblies, they are not out in the crowd where rank and file are, they are in the plush, high class comfortable rooms, meals brought to them, etc.

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