Could this cat be the Anti-Christ? And another sign we are close to the end?

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    OK. So I brought my cat in to listen to this. He perked his ears up and looked toward the screen. (but of course, I understand that they do not recognize things in 2-D.) He looked back at me with a look I can only describe as "What kind of foolishness is this?"

    My conclusion is that there is no universal language that cats understand between each other.

  • dissed


    I figured it out, its not a Syriac Catniptic dialect nor Cat-alonian. Its cryptic.

    If you play it backwards he's really saying...

    "The end is coming! The end is coming! You are all going to die! And us cats have been promised our fill of your livers after Armageddon. Then in the new system us cats will all be puuuurrrfect!""

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    Thanks, jamie.


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