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  • diamondiiz

    Found this pdf of Brown's book which describes his 7 times and 606bc and 1917 calculations

  • possible-san


    Thank you.

    That is precious source material.

  • AnnOMaly

    Thanks. I was looking for that a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find it for some reason.

    Edit: I remember why now. The site was down!

  • Alfred

    Hate to state the obvious here... But for you lurkers out there with a WT CD.... You'll notice that the Watchtower has never mentioned this embarrassing book (The Even Tide) or it's whacky author (John Aquila Brown) because, quite stupidly, they want to take full credit for this absurd "360 days X 7 times" calculation which was arbitrarily converted into ordinary years of 365 days each (all without any Biblical basis whatsoever)...

    This was then "recycled" by various religions including the Adventists who eventually realized it was too ridiculous to sustain. But Russell ran with it, made it his own and then dazzled everyone with BS when Armageddon didn't come as predicted... "Oh no wait! Don't leave now! I'll think of something!... I've got it... Armageddon is just around the corner... yeah, that's it... we'll go with that for now." But Rutherford eventually saw the need to buy some time, so he had the 1874 second presence of Jesus moved to 1914 in the 1920's, wrote Millions Now Living and called it a day...

    But what a lot of JWs don't know is that Anthony Morris of the Governing Body gives full credit to the Bible Students for this calculation in the 2010 DVD "Faith in Action" released at the 2010 District Convention worldwide...

    His exact words were: "The fact that they [the Bible Students] were able to pinpoint that year is just phenomenal"...

    That's right... a flat-out lie about the origin of the 607-1914 doctrine by Anthony Morris recorded on video for everyone to see...

    Anyway... just thought I'd bump this thread because the jerk who started it all was John Aquila Brown and he is rarely mentioned...

    (end of rant)

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Good rant ALFRED, the was just thinking about this book the other day

  • 00DAD

    Alfred, go ahead and rant anytime you want. I always learn so much when you're up there on your soapbox tellin' it like it is!



  • 00DAD

    diamondiiz: Thanks for the link. Very interesting. The more I know about JWs the more I realize what a loony religion it is. It's somewhat embarrassing to admit that I used to believe this crap!

  • diamondiiz

    Just like to add that 1874 hasn't been changed in 1920s but officially in 1943 but some hints of the change started to appear in the early 1930s. What many witnesses don't realize is that today 1914 has several significant events attached to it

    Jesus' return

    Jesus enthroned in heaven

    Last days began

    Gentile times ended

    But these events had their own individual dates with special calculation formulas which were all tied to the pyramid.

    Jesus return in 1874 was tied to 6000 years of human history (officially changed in 1943)

    Jesus enthroned in heaven as king took place 3.5 years after that in 1878(changed in 1925(?) birth of the nation article)

    Last days began in 1799 (changed in the late 1920s)

    end of gentile times worked well for Rutherford because of WW1 so there was no need of adjusting that date. Even though they kept 1914, they changed parts of the formula - 606 to 607, 536 as Babylon's Fall to 537 the year Jews returned to Jerusalem - no body blinked an eye. Today's JW don't have a clue about any of these, but then again it's old light, right?

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