loving someone vs. being in love vs. infatuation....

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  • oompa

    help me out here...i guess that there are all levels of love esp in a marriage. with the tiger woods mess the news is there are many reasons people stay in marriages even when there is little or no love...

    i have been infatuated before AND I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!.....and btw...MANY a long term romance starts with infatuation...in fact i wonder how many people really in love started with it? so then how could you tell REAL love from infatuation anyway???.....geeze this love thing is really tough for us hopeless romantics....i like feeling IN love....being IN love...not just caring for someone.....i care for my cat...no actually i am even in love with my cat dammit!!!!!....he walks on water!!!......never mind.............oompa

  • sammielee24

    If you want a marriage to work, be infatuated, in love, passionate and loving toward your other half. If it's too much work for either party to feel that way, then, humans being the complex social creatures they are, will generally seek out people who regenerate those feelings for them. sammieswife.

  • leavingwt

    Falling in Love = Infatuation = Temporary Insanity

    It's good for the survival of the species. It creates a desire to reproduce, despite the laundry list of negatives involved.


    -LWT (Very happily married, wearing my Cynicism Hat, for the sake of this argument.)

  • Satanus

    'What's love, but a second hand emotion?'



    Love I nFlatuation

    Fart fire on an aircraft carrier

    .............................................. ...OUTLAW

  • journey-on

    Love grows, changes, transforms, and blossoms. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had the secret key, imo. They were married over 50 years.


  • Satanus

    So, eat steak instead of hamburgers. Does macdonalds know about this?


  • hecouldbewrong

    Being infatuated is what makes the rest of the human experience tolerable, IMO. BTW, any pretty young thing need someone to talk to?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    my TRUE LOVE started with complete infatuation over the hill!!!!

  • leavingwt
    my TRUE LOVE started with complete infatuation over the hill!!!!

    Same, here.

    I guess we got lucky. The divorce rate is 50%, and I'm quite certain more than 80% of those folks were infatuated with one another, to begin with.

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