My experience at the KH today

by AwSnap 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • iknowall558

    You are a bit of a minx aren't you. Glad you had a lot of fun though...: )

  • AwSnap

    Quandry- I think they were raising their hands in the air because they were feeling the tune so much. I think its like when you're at a concert and people start waiving lighters in the air. I think.

    Iknowall....yes, I am a bit of a minx

  • AwSnap

    On a bright note, I told my jw mom about this experience & she said she'd still treat me the same if I get df'd. lol

    On a not-so-bright note: one of my siblings has asked me to come over so we can "talk". I do not think this is going to go well. In the past, I've been very angry towards the witLesses & then I chilled out for a few years. I am now pretty darn calm about it (and if I want to go to church, I'm gonna go to church and not feel bad about it) & am ready to move on with my life.... Being ME...

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