Just watched 'knocking' Doco on JW on SBS TV. an irony

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  • ziddina

    Is this available on YouTube??? Zid

  • ziddina

    Just checked - not available as complete program. Bits and pieces here and there on YouTube; apparently PBS is making some moola by selling this positive-spin docu on the WTBTS to JWs...


  • dissed

    An honest JWs' door to door presentation......that they should have shown on PBS

    Good morning.

    We are visiting our pagan neighbors, who we think are scum, and just want to share a very encouraging and loving message.

    Unless you worship our God, Jehovah, you and your family are going to die horribly at Armageddon.

    You have 10 seconds to make your decision to have a life saving Bible study with us. Otherwise, we are just too busy, and my time to prescious to waste any more seconds at your door. I must go. I have a very important appointment with the other car groups at the donut shop.

    Have a nice day!

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