The Erosion Of Governing Body Faith

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  • moshe

    20 years ago it took months of personal and very public effort for most of us ex-JW's to find the WT material that exposed them for the lairs they are. Someone can get the same amount of information about the WT Org. off the Internet with just one weekend of research. Still, it's not enough proof for some JW's. There will always be followers of the WT org as long as they can find that 1/10% of the population who can be tricked by flashy literature and love-bombed into joining their religion.

  • metatron

    Just to be clear, I'm not talking about a sudden collapse of the organization. However, we should not be surprized by their compromises on things like meetings.

    So, they have gathered 7 million cult members into their flock. So what? What good are they? Millions of people who might die for the blood issue but not open their wallets! What's to be impressed about?

    The continuance of the organization seems to be maintained almost entirely by autopilot. You could have atheists running the show and just checking in once in a while for years to come. No new ideas, no dramatic events ( other than laying off Bethelites and cutting back on everything else).

    I say the Watchtower "brand" is fading away like Ovaltine and Burma Shave. It's straight out of a College Business textbook - "senescent marketing".


  • dgp

    Metatron, my understanding is that the Soviet Union collapsed because it ran out of money. It was never terribly efficient in the first place, except for making weapons. I remember that, during those years, someone said the Soviet Union was like a FOURTH world country with first-world weapons. Reagan is never given the credit of having forced them to open up their coffers and spend their last dime trying to catch up in the Arms Race. It's sad, I know. The system was absolutely rotten but, guess what? It was kept in place by fear, spying, lack of information about the outside world... sounds familiar?

    I don't think the WTBTS is going to disappear anytime soon, either. I do believe I read here that they are saving any way they can. I'm sure they are smart to do that all the time. I think that, if they disappear, this time the reason won't be money. Information will be it.

  • LostGeneration

    Metatron- I agree it will be a brand that slowly fades away. Its similar to caretaker management with a mature product that slowly fades from the scene. As long as management can milk some money out of it, they will ride that horse until it dies. Of course most companies today have one CEO, who is supposed to make the bold decisions needed to invigorate the company. The WT corporation now operates with 9 or more CEOs, and they have to have a 2/3 vote to pass things through. That in itself makes it impossible for fresh or new ideas to be adopted.

  • metatron

    As much as I love the internet, I realize that humans can easily shut their minds to its revelations. We need to remember that the very existence of the Watchtower Society, Inc. is a living testimony to its falsehood. Armageddon is always preached as "soon", with attendant predictions, for 120 years!!!! Does Joe Witless ever get enlightened about this?

    Tell me what happens after a few more failed "pledge drives" when the Governing Frauds sit together in secret council and wonder aloud, "OK, we've got 7 million eager thralls all over the globe ------------------------------------- except they won't give us their money !!"

    I think they collectively retire to Patterson, pour a Scotch and say "F**k them all, I'm really Anointed ( Grand PooBah, Master of Time and Space and Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Cosmos) and they are useless slackers ! D*mn it! I earned a cushy retirement, brothers!"

    Not with a bang, but a whimper, guys.


  • joelingeorgia

    The Watchtower Society has the whole developing world to feed on. It ain't going nowhere anytime soon. And even if it did, there are plenty of other scams to take people's money, time and lives away from them. There is a sucker born every minute. People want easy answers to life's very difficult problems, but they just aren't there. Its a jungle out there. Nature is a cruel master and we are all slaves to nature and its random acts of violence against individuals and large numbers of people.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Can somebody fill me in, what newfound appeals for money are we talking about? Are they passing a plate? tithing? what has changed?

    No Apologies

  • dgp

    I'm not sure they have the whole developing world at their mercy. I understand they have the very strong competition of evangelicals of all sorts, particularly the pentecostals. Africa is becoming Christian very quickly, but not most of those become Jehovah's witnesses. And, I read somewhere (sorry, I don't remember where) that the Catholic Church grew 700% there. So, though I understand that the developing world is still way more religious and easier prey, they are not the only ones who saw the window of opportunity.

  • parakeet

    Everytime they layoff or cutback, it's another direct and personal slap in the face from Jehovah Himself.

    'Jehovah must be testing them.'

    That's what they like to tell lesser dubs when they're going through hard times.

    How does it feel, dub boys?

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