Any interest in helping write a movie script?

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  • cab1000

    I am not a writer, but I thought it would be fun to write a movie script in which the plot is that the JW's had it right. It would follow a family or two currently living as faithful witnesses, a family that is not faithful, and worldly people. The story would then progress into the great tribulation, and then Armageddon, and then the paradise. I want it to be very factual, to be exactly what the witnesses believe will happen.

    I want it to be true to life, exactly what we expected when we were "in". It has been a while since I have been "in", so the more factual ideas the better. The story could be set in current times, or even back in 1987 (or so). If we set the film in the late 80's, then we do not have to worry about the current changes to the doctrine.

    This could be a book first, I guess, but I'd rather it be a movie. I think that there would be interest, both JW and non. I doubt that any witness would go see it, but if they did, it would force them to see what they believe, and how crazy it is. For the worldly folks, they get to see what the JW's believe, and how crazy it is.

    I think if we use the tools that google provides for team work, we could have fun with it. Read what I've started, and edit it too...

    The names I used are fictional. and I am not looking to cash in with this, its just a fun project.


  • doublelife

    I liked it but I'm not a good writer so I don't think I'd be able to help write. But one suggestion I have is when armageddon happens. Matt is in class but when I was in school, I'd always thought that once the great tribulation starts, I would no longer be in school. We were suppose to go underground because the governments would make it illegal for us to worship. And we wouldn't resign our faith so we'd have to hide. I'd always pictured that when armageddon comes, all witnesses would be hidden somewhere, kind of like how Noah and his family were protected from the flood. That was just my point of view though. I don't know what others thought. The society wasn't very specific about it. But I do know that we were suppose to stick with our bookstudy group.

  • megaflower

    For it to be realisitc do not forget to add a few pedophiles, wifebeaters, housewives scared of their own shadow, and of course the teenager who lives a double life.

  • cab1000


    Thanks for the input, that is why I want to open this up for more facts/opinions. I am having trouble remembering the details, and more importantly, how we used to think that it all would go down. The whole great tribulation thing is important. I also want to have the "peace and security" thing go down. Does the "sudden destruction" start the great tribulation, or does it start Armageddon? Your welcome to just add in your ideas! I just want this to evolve over time, into a cool movie.


    I definitely want the double life teenager. With a close up of his/her dead body and the shock of a "true believer" friend...and/or maybe a knowing look from one of the scared housewives!

  • moshe

    Find out who wrote the script for Deep Throat, or Debbie does Dallas and then you will have a movie that would be interesting. It would be about some JW couples who are real swingers after the Tuesday night bookstudy.

  • The Rapster
    The Rapster

    I agree with Moshe. Try to get a commitment from Burt Reynolds. "Hi, I'm Dirk Digler, Elder".

  • cab1000

    While writing a porn would be fun, and somewhat factual, and I welcome your ideas, I'm sure that is not the direction I want to take this.

    Since finding time for my own project can be difficult, I guess this idea won't float. No problem, I can work on it over time.

    Thanks anyway,


  • VoidEater

    Headline: UN bans all religions except Jehovah's Witnesses. Dissolve:

    Happy Witness Family out in field service at a door; the son, Jimmy, speaking to Householder: "We invite you to come to the Kingdom Hall for True Worship! It's illegal to pray anywhere else, now that Jehovah has destroyed all false religion." Cut to:

    Kingdom Hall, surrounded by police cars holding back an angry mob. One by one, ghostly figures clothed in light materialize. They fade, leaving bearded men in Toga-like garments, resurrected righteous men of old, the Princes. Pan up to:

    A ghostly apparition appears, it's Jesus Christ and a horde of angels flying through the heavens. Light shines off his gigantic sword; cut to:

    Flame comes from the sky toasting 6,000,000,000 people, but miraculously leaving 6,000,000 (most of these in US and Mexico). Everything man-made is a charred mess, stinking bodies covering the landscape. Dissolve:

    Jesus sitting on a thrown in heavenly Kingdom Hall. Track through the open doors to a parking lot filled with 144,000 people, though this number fluctuates as they fly up and down to Earth. There is a variety of clothing from periods throughout history. They are all shuffling reports in and out of the Hall. Snatches of conversation:

    "Looking for more Mens Wearhouse suits..."

    "Yes, cannabilism seems yucky, but there's nothing in the Bible comdeming it, and there's precious little seed..."

    "There were no guarantees of lion pets - now tell him it's either bury bodies or till soil..."

    "Of course they weren't resurrected, none of the Prince's wives were prophets of YHWH, were they?"

    Rapid cuts to various scenes of birds of prey eating eyeballs out of blackened sockets, burial details, families crying over lost loved ones; sntaches of conversation:

    "If only he had repented yesterday - he told me he'd start coming back to the meetings next week..."

    "I'm so glad you were reinstated..."

    "I guess my DA letter didn't make it..."

    "You should have forced him to get baptised!"

    Slow fade through this to:

    Happy Witness Family, Jimmy all growed up. Jimmy (to Dad): "Wow, this thousand years has been rough. But at least we got all the bodies buried (the ones we didn't have to eat), and have the farms going. Maybe God will help us get electricity after the trial!"

    Dad: "I still wonder why the 144,000 didn't have more actual administrators or managers among them. Oh, remember, eveyone, tomorrow is the FInal Judgment of those resurrected, and then Satan comes back for a short while." Cut to:

    Fast cuts: Princes, 144,000, angels appear before groups of people in rough clothing with pronouncements of falling short of God's will. Some are killed by blinding flames that miraculously appear, others by Other Sheep as directed by the judges. Freeze frame and dissolve to:

    Satan emerging from the Abyss. Satan: "Here we go again..."

    Fast cuts through an indeifinite number of years that look surprisingly like the last 6,000 years of human history. Long dissolve to:

    Happy Witness Family out in field service at a door; the son, Jimmy, speaking to Householder: "We invite you to come to the Kingdom Hall for True Worship! It's illegal to pray anywhere else, now that Jehovah has destroyed all false religion." Cut to:

    Hppay Witness Family at home. Jimmy: "Wow, 6,000 years of preaching and teaching. I wonder if it'll take another 1,000 years to clean up this last destruction? Will we finally get to have lions for pets?"

    Dad: "Well, at least we now only have perfect people on Earth! Remember, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of eternal farming!"

  • doublelife


    I like it. The movie will definitely be rated R. I guess the pioneers, elders, and MSs won't be able to see it.

  • cab1000

    @VoidEater: I like it. (I have always liked stories that circle back to the beginning, then repeat.) And, your right, there's nothing wrong with adding humor! ( LOL, by the way ) Thanks!

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