GB member Geoff Jackson's wife dies.

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  • yesidid
  • flipper

    When and how did you hear of this ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • yesidid

    Sorry the system wont let me write more in the post above,

    but I have heard from a reliable source that Jenny Jackson lost her ten year battle with cancer.

    A funeral service was held for her yesterday at Bethel she was 54.

    Paul Grundy (JWfacts) has said in previous posts that he knew her and she was a particularly nice person.



  • flipper

    YESIDID- Thanks for the info. That is sad. And too young to die for sure ! I often wonder how some of my JW family members are going to handle death and growing older with sicknesses. I think a lot of them are really wondering why the paradise didn't come yet to save them from sicknesses and death. Thanks for posting

  • watson

    Sorry to hear it.

  • yesidid

    Brothers Barr and Splane gave the service.

    I imagine Geoff would have chosen those two, so does it mean he is in the "Softer" camp.

    Barr and Splane are not known as hardliners are they?


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I seem to recall reading here from people who knew him that Geoff Jackson was a pretty decent bloke.

    Very sad; he's young to be widowed.

    Unless she professed to be of the anointed then I guess he believed he'll never see her again?

  • betterdaze

    Sorry to hear of it. 54 is far too young. Surely she was afforded top-notch medical care.

    The Bethelites who have been kicked to the curb after years of loyal volunteer service will simply have to wait on Jehovah... or Obama... which ever comes first, if ever.


  • mouthy

    Very sad. God has read her heart, we will leave her with Him.
    Hope Geoff gets the support he will need in his loss

  • AllTimeJeff

    Oh no! She was such a nice person. She and Geoff did a Fijian dance for class 119 at Gilead at a barbecue. She was cool! In spite of my views on Geoff, as a couple, they were very down to earth and accessible.

    I had no idea she was sick. My heart goes out their famillies....

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