New Year's Eve makes me think. Soon, in 2014 it will be the 1st Kingdom Centennial

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  • apocalypse

    Once in a while when I am with my fellow dubs, I throw it out there.... "Hey, soon we will have the first centennial cellebration of God's Kingdom. Only nine left till it's done...!"

    Well, I am not quite THAT brazen, but I do throw it out there. I usually follow it up with "I wonder when we will celebrate it, on new year's day or in October... say October 1 2014..(ponder ponder)

    It really disturbs a JW to think in these terms. I also mention that the Society ... by buying this new LARGE printing press and placing it in Canada where all the literature will be printed "for the next two decades".... "positions it well for printing for the next generation.

    It raises a few eyebrows.

    It's like shoving a dirty stick in their eye. And there's nothing that can be said to me by them or the red-faced elders who may drag me into the elder's room (and I have been there a few times)

    On that note, I bid you all a Happy New Year.

  • rebel8

    Yep, true! 100 years after the biggest failed prediction.

    90 years after another big one--millions now living.

    It's really astonishing anyone at all believes them.

  • wobble

    Some years ago, whilst still in and active, I said to an elder that they would have to drop the 1914 crap, long before 2014.

    He just raised an eyebrow,didn't argue.

    Of course I was wrong, they cannot just walk away from the doctrine, their whole authority structure,that they are God's spokesman etc. rests upon it.

    All they can do is stress how loving jehoober is in allowing all this time for us wicked to repent. As to when the Dubs will celebrate the centenery, they celebrate very little, but I shall raise a derisory glass on Jan 1st 2014 and in October 2014, if I am spared.



  • BabaYaga

    Thank you, Apocalypse. This thought has crossed my mind, too! Pretty amazing there are only four short years to go. Believe me, for those of us who were around to hear "1914! 1914!" in nearly every publication, nearly every week... I can assure you... those four years go by faster and faster.

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