Whacker of Woodside

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  • Uncanny

    Tired of living?

    Depressed about world conditions? Missing Farkel already?
    Overly concerned that your city may be the next target
    for a little biological warfare? Feeling ripped off that
    after all those many years of pleasing others and making
    so many self-sacrifices, you discovered how your religion
    was really just a crock of !@#$ after all? Or maybe you
    are seriously considering euthansia as a viable option;
    if only you could say it right, right?

    Don't worry, change the script. We all need a little
    pick me up from time to time.

    So, to put a smile on your dial, if only temporarily,
    come and meet a real Australian galah - Whacker of Woodside.



  • unclebruce

    I've gotta rush out Uncanny,

    Good to see your back .. oops I mean you're back! I'll catch you later my boy ;)

    cheers unclebruce

  • mike047

    HI, Anyone have any idea why my floppy drive goes bonkers when I open this thread???


    I am serious about this, it acts like it is trying to read a disk,and there isn't one in the drive.

  • Uncanny

    Ah yes, mike047, he's a mischievous little bird, isn't he?!

    And yes, Unca, I knew another real South Australian galah like yourself wouldn't be able to resist Whacker's new site. By the way, who's your plastic surgeon? Nice job, cobber.


  • LB

    Mike mine does the same thing, made me take a look even.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • ladonna

    LOL, you wiz kid men

    Uncanny's profile pic was directed to his A:\Drive!!!!!When you opened any thread that contained a post by him/her, it automatically searched all of our A:\Drives.

    'K? Guys? Now if you had just clicked on properties you would have known that. (Said slowwwwly)


  • mike047

    Ana, Thanks, I am not, nor wish to be, a techie. My area of expertise lies elsewhere. I was concerned that my computer was being compromised[it has happened before]. I am aware of the properties information but only use it occasionally to see where a photo came from.


    Sorry for being such a witless.

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