Who is like the Wild Beast (Russia) and who can do battle with it? Rev 13:3,4

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    Continuing my posting to the blind, deaf, & conventionally minded ... You may be out of the JW's but you are still thinking in a box.

    Now that Russia is back it is clear why powerful countries are wary of doing battle with it. Putin is getting his way.

    Sorry, Ukraine, You Can't Beat Putin - Bloomberg View


    Jan 28, 2015 - ... restrain Russia's incursions into Ukraine, but they can't defeat Putin. ... that

    Ukraine's military simply isn't capable of standing up to Russian ...

    No one will defeat Russia militarily: Putin in state of the ...

    www.firstpost.com › World News

    The First Post

    Dec 4, 2014 - Moscow:>Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin in his annual speech on

    Thursday defended the Kremlin's aggressive foreign policy, ...

    Don't Arm Ukraine - NYTimes.com

    www.nytimes.com/2015/02/.../dont-arm-ukraine.htmlThe New York Times

    Feb 8, 2015 - The key to success, they maintain, is not to defeat Russia militarily, but to raise the

    costs of fighting to the point where Mr. Putin will cave.

    Upping the ante in Ukraine also risks unwanted escalation. Not only would the fighting in eastern

    Ukraine be sure to intensify, but it could also spread to other areas. The consequences for

    Ukraine, which already faces profound economic and social problems, would be disastrous.

    The possibility that Mr. Putin might end up making nuclear threats may seem remote, but if the

    goal of arming Ukraine is to drive up the costs of Russian interference and eventually put

    Moscow in an acute situation, it cannot be ruled out. If Western pressure succeeded and Mr.

    Putin felt desperate, he would have a powerful incentive to try to rescue the situation by rattling

    the nuclear saber.

    Our understanding of the mechanisms of escalation in crises and war is limited at best, although

    we know the risks are considerable. Pushing a nuclear-armed Russia into a corner would be

    playing with fire.

    EXCLUSIVE-NATO Russia Expert: Why Putin Can Win ...



    Apr 23, 2014 - All the states on the periphery of the Russia Federation are now very ... This is a

    superb guide to how to defeat a nation that is militarily much ...

    ...Breitbart News: Is the inadequacy of the West’s response just a function of ignorance of


    Donnelly: No. It’s deeper. We do not understand Putin’s way of war. We don’t even have the

    right vocabulary to describe it. To our citizens, war is “Saving Private Ryan”. That’s not Putin’s

    way of war. Russia was a military superpower, but it was also masterful at the indirect,

    non-kinetic way of war. See the book Unrestricted Warfare authored by two colonels in the

    Chinese army. This is a superb guide to how to defeat a nation that is militarily much more

    powerful than you. It lists all the various ways you can undermine a strong Western nation

    without firing a shot: the use of economics, the NGO sector, sympathetic members of your ethnic

    diaspora, or space and the cyber domain. Russia has honed this mode of war since the fall of the

    Soviet Union and used it in Georgia and now Ukraine and its neighboring nations.

    Breitbart News: Russia today has an economy the size of California, or the Republic of France.

    Could they win this war?

    Donnelly: Vladimir Putin is a long-term strategic thinker whose goal is to rebuild Russia’s

    greatness, and he has a natural advantage. It is relatively easy to defeat an adversary who does not

    have a game plan, even if they are stronger than you. You may have a PhD and an IQ of 160, but

    if you’ve never played chess before and have never heard of the Fool’s Mate stratagem, a child

    can defeat you with it in two moves.

    Also, you hear the constant refrain, such that “Russia would never do X because it has too much

    to lose.” This betrays a complete misunderstanding of the difference between the strategic culture

    of Russia and the culture of our politicians. The winner may quite simply be the side that is more

    prepared to take losses. That is definitely not us. “

    The influential new report urging Obama to arm Ukraine ...


    Feb 3, 2015 - It warns that no military assistance from the US would allow the Ukraine to

    actually defeat Russia in a direct conflict. "Even with enormous ...

    There is little question that it would help Ukraine militarily if the US provided this kind of

    assistance. During a war, after all, weapons and equipment come in handy. But what that would

    do to Russia's incentives is less clear. Would US weapons make the war more costly for

    Moscow? Or would increased US assistance provide an opportunity for Russia to become more

    openly involved in the conflict, and thus increase its control over the situation? The former result

    could, as the report argues, help force Putin to a compromise. But the latter result could have the

    opposite effect from what the report's authors intend.

    Top NATO general warns of Russian reaction to arming ...


    Cybercast News Service

    Feb 5, 2015 - He and other U.S. leaders insist there is no military solution to the conflict, ..... You

    say, ""he explains that to defeat Russia militarily we must first ..

    In a newspaper interview, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said giving the

    Ukrainians arms to help them defend themselves could have unintended and fateful


    "Weapons deliveries would be a fire accelerant," von der Leyen was quoted as telling the

    Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily. "And it could give the Kremlin the excuse to openly intervene in

    this conflict."

  • JeffT
    Continuing my posting to the blind, deaf, & conventionally minded .

    I'm going to see if I can have a compulsive need to apply logic and critical thinking declared a mental illness.

  • Divergent
    You may be out of the JW's but you are still thinking in a box

    And what makes you think you aren't? =)

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Just thinking aloud:

    According to the Org's reasoning, (which you seem to have partially adopted) prophecy only concerns/mentions world powers who have had a distinctly unilateral and profound effect on "God's people" at some point in time.

    Can you explain how the USSR/Russia has fulfilled this criteria?

    Russia just appears to be one of several military/political/financial "big boys" in the earth's playground - U.S.A., U.K., E.U., China, OPEC, World Banking system.

    Take your pick!

  • dogon
    It has changed over time, I bet they think China is now.
  • scotoma

    The Searcher

    Rev 13:7

    "And there was granted it (Wild Beast/Russia) to wage war with the holy ones and conquer them"

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ scotoma,

    "Continuing my posting to the blind, deaf, & conventionally minded ... You may be out of the JW's but you are still thinking in a box."

    I try not to judge a post by its opening line but I could tell that it's downhill from there on.

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