JW Education Status

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    Proof that Jehovah's Witnesses are a bunch of dumb asses.
    My ex wife is a Jw dumber than a box of rocks and is home schooling our children. I have many views pro and con for home schooling. So if you think not getting a college education messes these kids up many are homeschooled and aren't even givent he basics

  • 607BCisAbigLIE


    Many now living may yet take a stand for truth and righteousness before the "great tribulation," and they will gain salvation. Moreover, Jesus said that we should not be judging one another. We look at the outward appearance; God looks at the heart. He sees accurately and judges mercifully. He has committed judgment into Jesus' hands, not ours.— Matthew 7:1-5; 24:21;<

    Just old light reformulated otherwise. They surelly speak of those who ar studying but will not be "baptized" at Armagedon. Nothing new under the sun my friend.

  • 607BCisAbigLIE


    Fact is: I am a JW, and I do not believe that everyone on the planet, except JW's, will be killed in armageddon. I further do believe that there will not happen a global slaughter which kills 99% of people
    Very good thinking my friend! You're on your way to salvation !! Unfortunately, there is still a majority of JWs who do think otherwise. But don't tell the elders that you think like ex or non-JW do!!

    Have a good night Erich

  • 607BCisAbigLIE


    If any JW's have got other suggestions, then it is their own business. And if the society would go to df' me for "apostasy"-reasons, then it's their own business too. Not mine.
    Don't worry Erich, if they DF you, you know now you can have very loving friends (true loving without any regard to your religious thoughs). The world is not as bad as others (JW, medias) would like us to think. It is full of goodness, despite all the badness in it. But it is up to you to see it by your own eyes, not the WT ones.
  • Scott77

    I found the quote of voltaire below to be of rich substances. It perfectly relates to my own personal experiences. A special notice to Asilentone and White Dove , please do not feel bad toward me for bringing up this old thread. I believe, some threads are ageless due to their relevancy to our changing time.

    Witnesses can believe two contradictory ideas at once and explain each, as needed, as though the other didn't exist. This was eventually the last straw. I'm not capable anymore of such duplicity and I won't waste my breath with anyone so dishonest. (I don't really blame most individuals. I think they want to believe so badly that they can convince themselves of anything.)
  • clarity

    Terrific posting by Scully on education... wonderful statistics!

    Also within the stats I found this ... been wondering it for years.........

    * Jehovah's Witnesses have the highest proportion of female adherents (68%), followed by Church of God (64%); the highest proportion of male adherents is among Muslims (62%) and Buddhists (61%).


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    Great info. Thanks Scully.

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