Wasted Life Story..The Uncaring Husband 1.2.02WT

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  • terafera

    LOL I'm sorry guys.. this story is sad but I can't stop laughing at your commentaries :-D

    whew *wipes tears from eyes*

    Seriously, that is pathetic. Does anyone else notice the bragging that oozes from these kinds of stories? I believe that we should do good and not look for attention.. but these people are always saying how much they did in God's name. So sad...

    It is REALLY pathetic that a woman with brain damage and who could barely speak was made to sit in a parked car and peddle literature. All the while this guy is bragging about his long suffering. I bet he is really pleased with himself. He should have worked and given her capable care. I spent the last 2 years being a Nurse Assistant taking care of disabled/elderly people. You cannot imagine how simple things like eating is a heartbreaking chore.

    The comment, too, about should he leave her and be 'free' was crazy! Free? That definately sounded like a Freudian slip!

    I wonder who the next victim will be in his life.... I feel sorry for the next wife he puts through hell to further his cause! I also notice how he goes into detail the great achievments he claims to have labored through, but skims through his wife's demise with a sentence.


  • JWinSF

    I don't believe for a moment that the Bros and Srs helped him out, as he said they did. I took care of my disabled mother from 1966 and sister from 1987 [both stroke victims]. Both when I was an elder and after I had stepped down as such [but still maintained the desired regular publisher hours, meeting attendance, etc.] I didn't get any support.

    As their conditions deteriorated and required regular medical professsional attention they had to go into nursing homes --- my sister in 1988 and my mother in 1991, the "loving" brothers and sisters did not visit either of them [except for two sisters who were considered "spiritually weak"].

    The religious organization known as Jehovah's Witnesses is a heap of manure.

  • r51785
    I can't wait to hear about this experience being used to guilt all these poor old JWs in nursing homes about getting in their 15 minutes per month!

    The story may be true or may be embellished but the one and only reason it was put in the magazine was to promote the "JW Nursing Home Plan to Increase Publisher Head Count."

  • sunscapes

    Hey Cyg, whasssup? You have to say "fuck" to get rid of all that snow-removal frustration down there in Fluffalo? God, the snow's taller than me and my kid put together!

    Anyway, you're right. It is f....d up. The wife "never complained or became demanding" because she took seriously the marriage vows and stuck by this theocratic twit no matter how much she pained inside.

  • ozziepost

    G'day ISP,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and highlighting some very pertinent points for us.

    This life story seems a very sad story to me. It seemed to me that it was designed to tug at the heart strings and 'encourage' the R&F in renewed vigour in the ir service to the Borg.

    Your comment "btw substitute ‘my’ for ‘Jehovah’ in the last line" was a real jolt. I think there are many of us who were formerly very active in responsible positions in the Borg and now, with hindsight, look back at what we did and what we inflicted on our families, and just cringe. Here in Oz there are a number of suchlike men who, now in their middle age, have had their eyes opened and feel very embarrassed at their former lives. May God forgive us.

    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

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