A WTS prophecy that actually came true in our time...

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  • dozy

    I used to have friends that worked in the department that dealt with News Release at assemblies and we always had a chuckle at the Press Releases that were carefully scripted with the usual “fill in the blanks” (Bethel speaker , attendance , number of baptised etc) for distribution to the local newspapers.

    Most responded by carefully filing the Press Release in the b (for bin) file , but some newspapers print the press release in full. I couldn't help but laugh at the one for the 2009 district assemblies which helpfully includes the observation that ”the audience broke out in spontaneous prolonged applause “ at the conclusion of the assembly. This does seem quite remarkable considering that it was written in a press release written many months before the convention actually took place. Clearly the gift of accurate prophecy is still up and running at Brooklyn.



  • moshe

    - thanks for that bit of insight. I always felt that many of these assembly news stories were fabricated by JW's or JW-sympathic reporters.

  • OnTheWayOut

    the audience broke out in spontaneous prolonged applause “

    Doesn't that always happen? I mean, what is "prolonged" or "spontaneous" ? They knew some would clap at the end of the session, they call it spontaneous because there is no APPLAUSE sign lit up.

    Good catch.

  • moshe
    - I mean, what is "prolonged"

    Yes , it is a vague, open-ended term, like "male enhancement"-

  • hamsterbait

    Although Russell is bad- mouthed in the proclaimers book for applying prophecies to the Jews, he got one thing right.

    He taught that the Jews would be restored to Palestine and the nation of Israel would once more become a political entity on the world stage.

    The WTBTS says he was wrong wrong wrong(stamps foot)


  • Quandry

    Clearly the gift of accurate prophecy is still up and running at Brooklyn.

    Yes, it clearly is! Thanks for that laugh, dozy. I used to read things like this about the coventions and believed every word of it. It never occured to me that it could be written in advance. Oh, those rose-colored glasses I used to wear!

  • diamondiiz

    Hamsterbait: Russell kept in contact with elite Jews on his day and most likely understood or knew from them what they were upto, to which he concluded that the state of Israel would become a reality and if I remember correctly the date for that statehood he thought would occur in 1914. It's not surprising that Israel was formed and it won't be surprising when Israel will expand its borders in some future time. That "prophesy" by Russell was no prophesy at all IMO

  • AwSnap
  • Slayerbard

    OMG I have a hilarious story about the spontanious applause! I was at an Circuit assembly, and the family sitting infront of me had one of the kids who kept nodding off. Well at one point the speaker is going on about something and just as he was saying that..the mom jabbed the kid awake. He jumped and slapped his hand just once. Which triggered the entire assembly into thunderious applause. No joke, the speaker was very confused and appeared abit angry that people were clapping when they weren't supposed to be.

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