How easy is it to pretend to be a spirtual JW?

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  • highdose

    for arguements sake, lets say you walk into a hall where you are not known and introduce yourself as one of them, how easy would it be to pass yourself off as a fully paid up devout dub?

    I reckon i could do it even now, pull out a doudy dress, look misarble, say all the right things and thanks to JWN i'm in the know about all the most recent developments

  • bohm

    Wouldnt the elders ask what hall you were in, and then look into your background to make sure you are not DF'ed or something like that?

  • carpediem

    Well I pretended for a long time in my own cong and nobody guessed, so fooling strangers would be a doddle.

  • nugget

    Dead easy to fake if lets say you were visiting for a meeting, but as just said if you were moving into the area they would need to obtain records and letter of introduction. Question is why would you want to?

  • teel

    I couldn't do it, I'm not such a good actor. Even in my latter period of active JW I had problems fitting in with them.

    Once we were in an other country, and my wife made contact with the local JWs there, and after a couple of happy greetings, and "innocent" questions (what are my responsabilities and such) the JWs visibly grew cold to me, and focused their adoration to my devout wife.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I would have to go to a charity shop to find a suit first.

    My ear ring is not removeable so that might be a bit of a giveaway.

    I would be able to talk the talk & name drop and I am sure they wouldn't realise that there had been an Apostate in the hall until they tried to cash the large cheque from the contribution box, found the fish in the library, or flushed the toilet.



  • asilentone

    Smile constantly, shake everyone's hands, you will earn the respect there.

  • Lillith26

    I stuck out like a sore thumb on my virst visit to a KH- it was summer and I was 5 months pregnant with my youngest son... I wore my favorite pair of maternity jeans and nice sleeveless top and a pair of black flip flop shoes.. everyone was like LOL didnt help that I walked in 5 mins late LOL

    But now, I reckon I could walk the walk and talk the talk as well as look the part if I ever wanted too- by why would I ever want to??? Why would you want to Highdose??? can we just go out for a drink instead? at least that way I can kill brain cells while having a good time Cheers

  • chickpea

    what highdose said.....

    it would be so easy to pull it off
    esp since this forum keeps the
    brightness of all the "new light"
    shining forth upon our benighted

    could come in handy during travel...
    nothing like being a visitor at a KH
    and getting asked to a meal.....
    happened to us all thru NZ on our
    month long trip, inclu our visit to
    the manurewa bethel.....

    but then again.... why would i WANT to?!?!

  • highdose

    well you see i was thinking about all those jw's who pride themselves on being able to spot a spirtual jw by their answers or how well thumbed their bible is, and in fact its sooo easy to pretend, who are they kidding?

    Of course none of us would want to, even though in a way it might be a little fun!? Think of the things you could incocently drop into the convo " my CO last week was telling us some interesting facts about 607....!" etc

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