Please help me understand a JW dream

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  • Mindchild

    Please Help Me Understand This JW Dream.

    My therapist once told me that dreams are one of the ways that our subconscious mind have of telling us something emotionally urgent about ourselves. As I had a dream last night that really aroused my feelings, I was wondering if anyone cared to take a stab at what it is trying to tell me?

    The dream…

    I find myself at an indoor circuit assembly. I have volunteered for helping setup chairs for a special guest speaker, but I haven’t had time yet to look at who the speaker is on the program. I’m just told to get as many folding chairs setup as possible. I’m working for hours, and now I’m hungry and want to stop to eat but I’m told to keep busy setting up chairs for the afternoon public talks. I sneak off anyway to grab some fast food but get caught by the elder who just gives me a disgusted look.

    It is now moments away from the speech and the place is packed with people. I have a chair reserved in the front row but when I go up to claim it; one of the Governing Body is sitting in it. I want my blue jacket and silver attaché case back to find a new seat, but he won’t let me have them. He tells me I’m not important. I ask for my jacket back but he won’t move but I try to get my attaché case from under his seat and he struggles with me and it spills open. Just then the new speaker is announced and it is John F. Kennedy. Everyone is excited, but I said, “He can’t be speaking as he is dead.” People just look at me like I’m totally stupid and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    In anger, I leave and I’m going out to the parking lot to get my vehicle, I discover it is a large white sewage truck, and it is being stolen as I watch. I chase after them, and I see it is the same Governing Body guy and someone else in the cab laughing at me and driving away.

    I’m really angry now, this was the last straw and I need to chase after them to get the license number to report them to the police but I need a vehicle. The only other person I see in the parking lot is a black guy in a white sports car who tells me to get in and drive and chase after them.

    I’m doing incredibly risky driving at high speeds through the city, driving through lights, and scaring this guy at times, but he smiles at other times and tells me to find them. I spot the truck ahead and speed up but they have spotted me and step on the gas. I’m now chasing them down a narrow country road and they begin to dump the sewage tank in the back and the awful waste is slowing me down but something goes wrong in the process of them dumping the truck, and dangerous amounts of gas build up and eventually the tank ruptures, catches fire, and the whole truck explodes, killing the drivers.

    I don’t want to think about this any more and I’m driving back the country road and see a very long green garden hose that is partly buried alongside the road but it should be completely buried and it is very urgent to take care of this but I need to get out of there before the cops come to clean up the mess from the truck.

    Okay, so what do you think?


  • Mulan

    I think the sewage truck is pretty easy to figure out.....the filth and literal 'sewage' inside the WTS, with the "GB at the wheel". You are pursuing it, maybe to expose it, and it blows up.......being destroyed, finally before your eyes. (the thing about the truck being your truck, is just your feeling that the religion was your own, but has been taken from you.......all of us felt that at first, I'm sure)

    The rest, I will think about. Pretty complicated.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)

  • RunningMan

    Obviously, you have a thing for your mother.

  • belbab

    I'll try to take a stab at it, but I maybe just putting my own stuff on it.

    Preparation for meeting: you have something to say, you want to deliver publicly.

    Hunger you need some acknowledgement

    Governing body authority figure, holding you in sujection

    blue jacket and silver brief case your identity, stifled by WT
    influence, still not totally resolved within you. Spilling open briefcase could be this dream itself, revealing hidden contents of your own being.

    John Kennedy an aspect of your self that wishes to express itself publicly to JW community with information they recquire. You are delighted with the thought of doing this. But you are dead in their eyes, or you realize your daydreams of reaching JWs publicly in their milieu will never happen.

    sewage truck It could be the WT sewage, or it could be a part of yourself, doubts, that lead you to believe that all you have to say is garbage. It is spilled out on a lonely country road, the sewage, your negative thoughts are slowing you down. You are afraid that the internal workings of yourself will expose you, you might get caught and wish to escape. However there is a green garden hose, that is telling you that you do have something to say that will water your garden with fresh clean water and wash the sewage away.

    I hope this helps a little, this dream could have been one of my own, and again I could be putting my own spin on it. I suggest you keep working on the images in it, and you may discover much more. You will know what parts of my interpretation does not fit yours. One thing, all the images portray the inner workings of your own being.

    Thank you for sharing your intriguing dream with us.

    belbab, carrying my own load of doubts through the mire.

  • Sky

    I think you obviously need to get laid....

  • Mulan
    Mulan are good. I like your analysis.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)

  • target

    The garden hose is something that you have been covering up but now it is being exposed and you are not comfortable with that and find it urgent that it be fully covered over. Something you do not want others to see at this time.
    Going down the road is a journey, perhaps your journey out of the WBTS.
    What does JFK represent to you?
    You remember dreams clearly when they are important messages from your subconscious.


  • Mindchild

    Wow...totally cool ideas Mulan, Belbab and Target. You guys might just be on to something. I've been out of the Borganization for ages and thought I had all that crap worked out of me but I guess some of it is still inside festering and simmering.

    Belbab your analysis was very interesting and sounds good to me. I especially like the idea you presented about JFK. Target JFK was the only Pres of the USA I ever respected and cared about. I know he screwed up big time like others but didn't know it back when I was a kid and maybe these are old ideas coming to the top of the dream soup.

    I also like your idea about the garden hose representing something I want to cover up...there might be something to that as well.

    Running Man and Sky into the spanking room you characters! Sky, there is no sex in this dream cause I'm not gettin any in my dreams either. lol

    Other comments anyone?


  • mommy

    Hey Skipper I will give this a go.

    You felt pressured while in, to help out as much as possible, even putting off your own desires(symbolized by hunger) to get as much work done for the org as possible. When the GB member took your seat you did not mind, thus you felt inferior to him. He tried to take your personal items, but you put up a fight. Perhaps this was the start of you walking away from the org?

    JFK could symbolize that you were the only JW who kept up with world events? I know my mom liked him because she said he did alot for the JW's, I never really looked into that part of our history though.

    When you go outside you realize you have a pile of sh*t to your name and nothing else, and they wanted that too. Or maybe that symbolizes that they really drained you.

    Now the black guy in the white sports car brings up visions of Rush Of course he had a black car huh? Well you decide to fight for what is yours and the race is on No matter how close you get to them they keep loading you down with sh*it and you are unable to catch up. But you realize that it is their own demise that they bring about, serves them right for unloading all that sh*t

    The green garden hose...I have no idea! Maybe you are a perfectionist?

    Talk soon

  • Shimmer


    I'm not much of a dream interpretor, but I saw a woman on t.v. who is. She said that you look at how the events in your dream made you feel and ask yourself if there is anything going on in your life that makes you feel the same. Just my 2 cents. :)


    You only live once---but if you work it right, once is enough.
    ---Joe E. Lewis

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