Any agnostics/atheists ever give the prayer at the K Hall?

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  • asilentone

    I knew a brother that was really a fake back then. He gave so many prayers at the Kingdom Hall. He was eventually disfellowshipped for cheating on his wife. I talked to him the other day, he said he was always agnostic.

  • happinessinparadise

    Absolutely!!! My friend (or X) now that I'm not talking to him.....he's a MS and doesn't believe in God...nice! has to stay in the cult for friends and family...the usual stuff but doesn't believe a word....

    Poor sucker....

    I excommunicated them all 1.5 years ago.....they didn't like it!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi happi,

    Welcome to our nightmare.

    It's nice to have someone pop in that hasn't been a victim.

    Tell us some more. Your teaser has me interested.



  • asilentone

    hip, jw or ex jw's do not use the word "excommunicated".

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    ex cop dub in north of scotland gave prayers and would bless the congregation with the sign of the cross, and gave the father, son, and holy ghost blessing....the elders said they had the matter in hand, and that the guy was just learning...the only time I have seen it.

  • asilentone

    nlhc, it sounds like bs to me.

  • zoiks

    Yes, me. After I had decided that my true beliefs were agnostic, leaning heavily toward atheist, and before I had "stepped down", I arrived at the KH one morning and discovered to my horror that I was chairman that day.

    I did it, and hated myself for it. Then I read the paragraphs for the WT study.


  • Open mind
    Open mind


    I faced a similar situation and did the same thing. The very thought of "praying" to an entity one thinks probably isn't there is pretty ludicrous. I got through it by thinking that I was just giving myself and everyone there a pep talk. It took the form of asking our "Heavenly Father" to help us do this or that and "thank you" for this or that.


    Things to be happy/grateful about:

    Being alive.

    Whatever level of health or strength you have.

    Material things.

    The wisdom in the Bible. (Hey, there's a little bit in there. You just have to look for it and ignore all the atrocities and BS.)

    Things we need "help" on:

    Developing the fruitage of the spirit. (Generally speaking, good character traits)

    Focusing on helping others.

    Find common ground with our neighbors and empathize with them. (True believers would translate this into: "So you can then convert them." Those not quite so zealous could take it to mean, not thinking of all non-JWs as "worldly" and "wicked". )

    Forgive us for our mistakes and help us to do likewise with each other. (Although I no longer believe I need forgiveness from God, the rest of it is good, IMO.)

    Look for the good in others.


    OK, that's plenty. I couldn't bring myself to mention The Slave, God's Organization, The Last Days, Gifts in Men, or Our Falling Shorts.

    I think my prayers will be pretty few and far between in the futre, but I received several compliments, FWIW.

    Note to Watchtower:

    If you don't want agnostics/atheists giving congregation prayers, drop the shunning.


  • Elsewhere

    I did.

    I wonder if the Invisible Sky Gawd heard me talking?

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