"Spirituality" Part of JW Jargon?

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  • greenie

    This is something I've heard lately. I have a feeling like other seemingly innocuous words, that this one actually has special meaning in JW speak. Does it? Or am I wrong? I can't remember now the other terms that are like this - that when I first heard them I thought nothing of them and only came to understand later as I learned more about the WTS that they had a different meaning to JW R&F than what Webster puts out there.

  • Joshnaz

    Your "Spirituality" is measured by the amount of control the GB has over you.

  • sir82

    Oh yes that is one of the dozens of words they have redefined to meet their needs.

    In JW-land, "spiritual / spirituality" refers to the mundane tasks that one does in the interest of indocrinating oneself or others with JW teachings. Reading JW literature, going house to house in field ministry, commenting at meetings, not watching certain kinds of movies - all these are hallmarks of JW "spirituality".

  • BabaYaga

    How could they possibly know what spirituality is, when they fear all spirits, and even fear meditation?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    OH yes! thats classic JW jargon. I remember many years ago back in the 80s, One of my siblings in discribing her new boyfriend gushed "he's so spiritual!" ( i am sure she would retract that now!)

    If someone was "spirtual" it meant they were OK! a good guy or gal. Gee, they went witnessing EVERY saturday and made such good comments at the watchtower study...

    WOW! what a catch!

    Few JWs are truley spiritual i feel. Most think they are because they make the right moves.

  • Spook

    Spirituality = submission, submission = good.

  • greenie

    I KNEW it! It is a little sad that when you hear a few JWs use the same word, you start to get suspicious as to what it really means to them. So if someone is "working on their spirituality" it means they are starting to read JW lit, etc.? Or if they're told they "should work on their spirituality," it means they should go to meetings/read lit/etc.?

  • BabaYaga

    Their favorite scripture is "Faith without works is dead." Works to them means more more MORE distribution of Watchtowers!!! That is the entire, sad understanding of spirituality to them.

    One wonders what happened to grace and having a personal relationship with (g)od.

  • zoiks

    Yep, good ol' JW spirituality. The ability to recite the perfect comment at the WT study; the willingness to take a low-paying menial job so as to have more timre for field service; the intimate knowledge of and ability to use all of the "pure language" in a conversation; the willingness and fortitude to stop speaking with DFd family members; did I mention those WT study comments?



  • greenie

    You guys make me laugh. Thanks! And happy Friday!

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