New Peter Gregerson Story

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  • JWoods

    Did Raymond Franz ever apologise specifically for being part of the GB that promulgated the 1975 Armageddon false prophecy?

    He has nothing to apologise for, really. Both Ray Franz and Ed Dunlap (and others) had been fighting this interpretation for quite some time (doing all they could for an honest re-interpretation) of it.

    This, and the revolutionary idea that Jesus was mediator for all and that all should keep the memorial was what got them kicked out in their old age without any income security, home, or ties to community.

  • Aurelius
    Have you read his books?

    Yes Blondie, several years ago, although in secret. I had to get rid of the books shortly after for fear of being caught with them, so I could not keep them for reference.

  • crownboy

    Good to see Gregerson did so well post-JW and that he was able to get all his kids out. He was definitely one of the "secondary characters" in CoC that I always wondered about (also what ever happened to that Sanchez couple that got kicked out during the purge?).

    I also have the feeling that the GB probably felt that Gregerson resigned because he was getting "apostate influence" from Ray Franz, and hence felt even more compelled to get rid of Franz. The funny thing is I get the impression Ray Franz may very well have stayed a JW much longer if they had not throwned him out on trumped up charges. I mean, Gregerson had to coax him into writing the book, apparently. If it was me, I'd already have a manuscript by the late 70's with some of the stuff he already went through .

    On an unrelated note, that story gives me one more reason to hate Walmart .

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