Strong Meteor Showers tonight

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  • snowbird

    The Perseids meteor shower, associated with the comet, Swift-Tuttle can be viewed July-August.

    The Leonids meteor shower, associated with the comet, Tempel-Tuttle can be viewed in November.

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  • kurtbethel

    It was grand! I went out around 1:30 am Pacific, and was in a sleeping bag and had a pillow, watching the sky. They were coming in about every 3 minutes or so, bright streaks that would last a couple seconds. Some were coming from different directions and were not Leonids, but they were pretty so I did not mind. One of them came from the north near Polaris, and streaked south all the way to the Pleiades, though I did not notice it to know Jehovah off of his throne there. I made a wish on that one that mirrors what it did. Long story. I came in before too long to get warm and get some sleep.

  • SirNose586

    I saw the Leonid Meteor Shower last night. I think I saw about a dozen meteors. Too bad there were a bunch of loud idiots on the mountain with us...

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