Your Opinion Please: Do GB members believe what they say?

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  • undercover

    I asked this when I was first trying to wrap my head around the fact that the JWs/WT was not the "truth".

    And after all this time, I can say that...I'm still not sure. I think maybe a couple of them have deluded themselves into believing it but I can't see that the entire body believes all of it.

    Those that don't believe the entire thing are in too good of a position to give it all up. They don't have to work, they're expenses are covered and they have power and control over millions.

  • BluesBrother

    "Crisis Of Conscience" by Ray Franz , page 224"

    I felt, and still feel that there were many good men on The Governing Body. In a long distance phone call, a former Witness said to me "We have been followers of followers" . Another said "We have been victims of victims". I think both statements are true. Charles Taze Russell followed the views of certain men of his time, was victimized by some of the myths they propagated as revealed truth. Each successive part of the organizational leadership has followed along, at times contributing additional myth in support of or in elaboration of the original myth. In place of rancor, I feel only pity for those men I know, for I too, was such a victim of victims , a follower of followers."

    Even at the congregation level, the first and given fact is that "The Truth is True" there is just no possibility in their minds that it could not be so. Imagine the life of men who have spent decades cloistered in the towers of Brooklyn with sycophants lapping up what they say. The human mind would just go on from that position. Even if they had to change doctrines to preposterous lengths, the first fact must always remain, that "We speak in Gods Name..."

  • jamiebowers

    I think that Fred and Ted started sipping their own kool-aid to the point that their judgement became impaired and this increased their sense of entitlement and demands of loyalty to their POV.

    I couldn't agree more. But at some point, all of these guys had to recognize the wrong in the organization. The child abuse problem alone should've been a wake up call.

  • yknot
    I couldn't agree more. But at some point, all of these guys had to recognize the wrong in the organization. The child abuse problem alone should've been a wake up call. is hard to walk away from the life of the 3 Es (entitlement, ease and ego).....

    These are men who haven't earned a honest dollar in decades, men with little skills that would prove supportable in the real world, they haven't contributed to SS either....... so walking away from the acolades, the adoring throngs of R&F, the free meals, medical, shelter, trips, gifts, clothing and otherwise being 'served'..... probably would be difficult for most people.......and besides the new ones were probably admitted to the GB under a confidentiality agreement so there is no way they could write a book like Ray......they would be homeless and skilless nobodies......

  • wobble

    I wonder if they are a little like the Queen of the U.K, Elizabeth the Second.

    She seems to believe in the "Divine right of Kings" and act accordingly, but I think deep down she just feels that to abandon, or even endanger, the Monarchy, would be a betrayal of her forbears, so she sticks with the job.

    The GB must be aware of the HUGE quantity of Bull**it they are churning out ,but feel they owe it to the past GB members, and the 7 million who hang on their every word, to stick with the job.



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