Newly Engaged to Be Married ! Posters : Mincan & ChelleChelle !

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  • chellechelle

    He left a year before me in 07 and i left in the summer of 08 if it wasnt for meeting him and his help i might still be there. I was df'd and my parents kicked me out and he immediately took care of me :) and i had only met him maybe a few weeks prior and had about three dates :)

  • watson
  • Jim_TX
    "...and had about three dates"

    Wow! Better watch out eating them dates... if you have too many - they become like prunes.

    (Just kidding...)

    Congrats to you two!


    Jim TX

  • chellechelle

    HAHA mmm i love dates.... :P

  • Mincan

    Thanks everyone!

  • Joshnaz

    Way to go you to.

  • chickpea

    such a darling couple!!!

  • flipper

    Mincan & ChelleChelle have become very dear friends to Mrs. Flipper and myself - almost like our own adult children. We are just so happy for them that they've found such happiness after experiencing difficult times with shunning from the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. We supremely enjoyed Mincan's visit out west here to the 2008 Lake Tahoe apostafest and he stayed for a few weeks at our house. We look forward to hopefully having them out next summer if they can swing it or arrange it ! Mincan burned some really cool CD's for me of music groups I like ( Led Zeppelin, Doors, etc. ) which I've really enjoyed.

    These are two quality, lovely people who deserve ALL the happiness they have received ! I'm proud to know them , and feel privileged that they have come into Mrs. Flipper and my life. Take care you two ! Enjoy your happiness ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • mouthy

    Congratulations.I hope you will be very happy!!!

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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