If you could choose to live in any generation in any time period,

by John Doe 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • yknot

    Some time in the future........long after the WTS has closed it's doors and when we will be able to extend our life for as long as we choose in a consistant youthful body and populating other planets.......and creating genetically modified lions for my personal furry pet..

    however since that ain't never going to happen....... I will settle for the weekend after Dec 12th...... because until then.... I am SWAMPED, there is not a single calendar date that isn't filled!

  • carpediem

    I would choose now. Although we have a long way to go, certainly in Britain with the DDA, things have improved a lot in regards to stamping down on inequality. Being married to a witness I have HATED the belief that he is my 'family head'. Yeah right!

    I would however like to spend a few hours in about the year 2059 and see what has happened to 'the lie' when Armageddon still hasnt arrived.

  • recovering

    I would love to have been old enough in the 60's and 70's to confront the WTBS's Governing Body in a public forum and ask them in front of reporters about their 1975 Armageddon prophesy. I would have loved for them to put in writing (in a newspaper or on TV) their prophesy. That way it would have been even more difficult for them to weasel out of it later. I was convinced to get baptized at 12 years of age in early 1975 due to the impending destruction. What did i know at 12? This mistake on my part caused me to lose my entire family later.

  • carpediem

    Recovering - it is digusting that they allowed you to be baptised at 12. It makes me sick they justify this by saying some children are very spiritual. How does a 12 year old child know what they want? I still didnt know who I was at 25 let alone 12. It just highlights what a sick organisation it is.

  • kurtbethel

    During the time of the Second Rebellion, about 1200 years from now, before the onset of the Sephic wars.

    You asked.....

  • civicsi00

    I would choose to live within the 1914 Generation that "would never pass away".

    (Oh wait, nevermind!)

  • moshe

    I would like to live around 1620 in New England- I would explain the concept of the 99 year land lease to the native Americans, who had previously been selling their land for an axes, beads and stew pots.

  • MissingLink

    Far in the future, or 30 years in the past so I could invent everything new since then.

  • parakeet

    As long as I was wealthy and in good health, I'd like to live in ancient Greece during its golden age.

    The reason? 'Cause it's a "classic."

  • parakeet

    Again with the above conditions, maybe in Palestine during Jesus's life, assuming he actually existed. I'd like to see what really happened. Water into wine? Hah!

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