Water on the moon? Gee, I wonder why God created that...

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  • hotchocolate

    See, if someone had've just remembered to shut the windows all those people wouldn't have been destroyed....

    BTS - the water alone doesn't prove that there has been life there, I'm more wondering what witnesses would say as to just why would God have created water on the moon...

  • Satanus

    Water is very abundent in our solar syste. Comets have a lot of water in them. And the oort cloud and kuiper belt are made up of, basically comets. That's a HUGE resevoir of water.


  • villabolo

    It has long been speculated that the moon could have, and most probably did have, water ice deep underground or in the polar regions, inside of deep craters, where the sun does not shine thus evaporating it. This speculation was based on the assumption that comets, partly made up of water, would hit the moon and leave a remnant of its mass in those protective regions. In my opinion, it was a certain bet that they would make this discovery and they did.

    Other than being convenient for moon colonies, every pound of supplies from earth costing hundreds of dollars per pound, this water could, if there's enough of it, be used to terraform(transform into earthlike planet) the moon. I believe that it's possible that there is frozen carbon dioxide("dry" ice) and a combination of that and water ice could be used to support life on the moon. You would be short on some elements but they could be gathered from Asteroids.


  • DaCheech

    wow, this is getting entertaining

  • Finally-Free

    Yawn. Call me when they find some Scotch.


  • villabolo

    I dream the Moon a living green.

    Blue seas and skies with clouds can be seen.

    Life a bloom gently in the wind shakes.

    Earthlit night shining above and mirrored within the crater lakes.

    How serene art thou, my love, oh Goddess Selene.


  • glenster

    "Water on the moon? Gee, I wonder why God created that..."

    So the great prophecy would come true of man needing someday to build an ark.
    God knew man would foul the Earth so He created water all over the place, sym-
    bolized by a rainbow reminding him to look to the water in the sky. When people
    overcame the habitational field of man's lowly origins to join the population of
    the cosmos, he's find some lovely beverages.
    Just don't murder the higher alien forms or eat a lower one with its nephesh--
    its life.

  • Joshnaz

    A theory discussed about water on the moon is that a meteor hit the earth and raised a bunch of earth dust and water into space, then gravity molded the water and dust together in orbit forming the moon. So the moon is really part earth/part meteor. What are your thoughts.

  • loosie

    there needs to be water on the moon because thats where the 144,000 lives, and they need water for their scotch. Duh

  • WTWizard

    This is why Jehovah's Witlesses are told not to speculate. There is proven water on the moon. There is proven water on Mars. There is proven water on the comets (which is how the water actually got to Mars and the moon--and the earth--in the first place. There is proven water on the outer planets' moons. There are ice bodies in the Kuiper belt. This is proven--though the witlesses will try to discredit the proof as long as possible.

    Once they can no longer deny this (when they get actual samples of comets and water on other planets on earth to analyze it, it is pretty blatant), they simply use the mysticism of "Jehovah will reveal in His due time why there is water elsewhere" excuse. That now allows water on other planets and moons, but stifles asking why. The witlesses are now content to stay in so they will find out why in due time. Meanwhile, they get older and get more bad answers from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, usually bashing science and telling them to wait on Jehovah. Eventually, they die not knowing why. And they never accomplish a damn thing in the meantime.

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